serial ata drive

  stephen0205 14:27 28 Mar 2005

i bought a samsung sata hard drive and installed win 98 and win me but everytime i go to install xp it comes up with a blue screen and says scan for viruses and run chkdsk so i did that they found no problem and it still says the same thing can see it to be a prob as it is a brandnew hard drive. any insites and thanks fo the help

  ICF 14:37 28 Mar 2005

What model number is it?

  stephen0205 14:38 28 Mar 2005

the hard drive is a samsung sp0812c

  ICF 14:51 28 Mar 2005

Have you tried a low level format or one of samsung's hard drive utilities
click here

  stephen0205 14:53 28 Mar 2005

yes i got the disk to set it up from samsungs site and it worked fine i have tried to install all windows in order but when xp goes it comes up to that blue screen again and i tried installing xp from scratch and it done the same thing

  ICF 14:59 28 Mar 2005

Why are you loading them on in sequence are they upgrades?
Did the other operating systems work ok?
Have you loaded the Sata drivers on boot up?I think you press F6

  stephen0205 15:02 28 Mar 2005

i have loaded it up on boot up but cant use raid as it is for 2 sata drives all disks are genuine not copys or upgrades i tried in a seqence cause xp wouldnt go in itself

  ICF 15:15 28 Mar 2005

What motherboard do you have?

  stephen0205 15:19 28 Mar 2005

dont know the model but it is an abit motherbard it has 4 usb2 slots a graphics card slot and 3 pci slots and 2 memory slots i have a semperon 2400 in it and it has built on graphics

  ICF 15:24 28 Mar 2005

Are you using this computer at the moment?
If you are down load click here and it will tell you the model number of your motherboard.

  stephen0205 15:43 28 Mar 2005

im on my sons pc at the moment
found out the model tough its an abit va-20

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