Serial ATA Controller Card And Booting

  Mr-Alive 09:20 08 May 2005

Got little problem, I bought 2 Samsung 200Gb Drives they are SATA My Mobo only take IDE which I knew so I bought a SATA Controller card. The problem is I can use the Drives as storage with no problem but when I put a operating system on one of them I can't boot off the drive without taking all my IDE Drives out, It will always go to IDE as default, I’ve tried changing boot order of the drives with no luck, SATA doesn't even appear in BIOS, it has it's only little options but that only allows you to set up RAID. I have however managed to put my IDE drives on my raid connections and it seems to allow SATA to take charge. Has anyone got any ideas how to boot from SATA without sticking all my drives on my RAID controller?

Mobo = Abit KT7A-Raid

SATA Controller Card = Sunsway/ST Lab PCI SATA RAID 4P, SiL3114

Hard Drives = Samsung Spinpoint 200gb x2 SATA
Maxtor 200Gb ATA
Fugitsu 10Gb ATA
Quantum Fireball 6.4Gb ATA

Windows XP Pro


  Rayuk 09:49 08 May 2005

Is there an option to bot from SCSI

  Mr-Alive 09:51 08 May 2005

Yeh, I have tried using scsi no joy

  mattyc_92 09:56 08 May 2005

Your drives should of came with some software...

Boot from the disk and format (don't format the IDE drive in Windows Setup).... This will make the drive act like it doesn't work... This is correct...

Now, turn the sys off and dis-connect the IDE ribbon and power cables from the drive.... Boot the system up and install windows onto one of the SATA drives.... Once windows has been installed, re-connect the IDE drive again... Now use Windows "Disk Management" tool to create a LOGICAL drive...

If you use the Windows Setup to format the IDE drive, the drive will be "active" which means it is bootable, so the sys will try to boot from the IDE drive instead....

Using the software that came with the drives, will remove the active setting from the drive, thus stopping the sys from being able to boot from it, so your SATA drives will be bootable instead....

  mattyc_92 10:05 08 May 2005

if your drives didn't come with any software, then click here for the FREE DiscWizard Starter Edition and scroll down and select create a bootable disk (either floppies or CD image)

  mattyc_92 10:06 08 May 2005

Ok, just realised that you are using a SAMSUNG drive, not SEAGATE.... so try click here=

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