Sequence for setting up broadband

  Brenne 13:59 28 Sep 2009

Had lots of help from this forum, so I'm now seeking some basic advice.
Wisely or not, I've bought a 3Pay-as-you-go modem for my son's laptop. When it arrives, setting up should be clear (I hope). I want to know what we should then do next. Acquire virus protection (probably AVG), update his Windows Vista Home, set up an e-mail address (how?), anything else? And in what order? He's not used Internet for a couple of years, and then only dial-up. Thanks.

  mooly 14:11 28 Sep 2009

Email... loads of choices, google mail for one, dead easy to set up,
click here

there's Yahoo etc as well.

Virus protection and Vista. For me now, having used this for a month or so there would never be any going back.
click here

I have nothing against others but having seen how little impact this has on performance, and the fact that it's 100% compatable with Vista means I wouldn't use anything else now.
Be aware that this IS a beta program due to be released within the next few weeks, but I would seriously consider this.
Also use only one AV product that operate in real time.

  Sea Urchin 14:16 28 Sep 2009

You could download AVG (or whatever anti-virus you decide on) on to another PC and transfer/copy to a USB flash drive. Then it can be installed on to your son's laptop even before you connect to the Internet. Once up and running download Windows updates and then set your email as per mooly's advice above.

<< He's not used Internet for a couple of years, and then only dial-up >>

Then he should find it faster and better than before.

  Brenne 22:29 29 Sep 2009

Many thanks, Mooly and Sea Urchin. Advice taken! I've downloaded AVG to a USB flash drive, and that will be loaded before I try the modem. I guess updating Vista will take a while, but once that's done I'll help him set up a Google mail account and leave him to play with it.
I'll check this as resolved (for the moment!)

  woodchip 23:43 29 Sep 2009

I think you will find that ifits like the T-Mobil it just sets its self up from software built into the mobile stick. It does it when you plug it in, then use the software to connect with, as it does not auto connect like a router or modem

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