sequence of pages when printing more than one page

  HenryWilliam 10:38 24 Oct 2006

I have a HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One printer.
If I have e.g. 9 pages to be printed , it starts
with number 9 , then 8 , etc. and page 1 is printed
last. This is often a nuisance , especially if I
only want the first page . What can / do I do to
fix this so that page 1 is printed first ?

  Strawballs 10:53 24 Oct 2006

If you click on file > print then click on properties yous should be able to choose from there.

  anskyber 11:11 24 Oct 2006

If you are on IE7 (it may be similar for IE6) as Strawballs has suggested go file, print, general tab, preferences, page set up and uncheck reverse order.

  Peter 11:29 24 Oct 2006


If you only want to print one page you could use the print dialogue box to either "Print Current Page" or choose which page to print by entering the page number.


  HenryWilliam 08:42 25 Oct 2006

ANSKYBER -- thanks your reply , unfortunately I don't have IE7 or IE6, so I didn't get anywhere.

STRAWBALLS and PETER , I followed your advise and finished up with changing the Page Order in the Layout Option from "Front to Back" to "Back to Front" , which resulted in page 1 being printed first ! Thank you very much ! However , this change is not permanent , only an oncer , then it changes back to "Front to Back" . How can I make this change permanent ?

  Peter 23:27 25 Oct 2006


If you make the change to the order of printing pages from within Word (i.e. when you are print a Word document) the change will on last as long as, and affect, that Word session. If you make the changes to the printer options dialogue from the Control Panel, or the Settings option from the Start button, the changes saved should be permanent.

I am using Windows 98SE so if you are using a different Windows version, e.g. XP the route to making this change may be a little different. Perhaps someone with experience of XP could supply the correct route to make the change under XP.


  Nosmas 13:30 29 Oct 2006

This reply is just in case you are running XP and still need help. My printer is a Canon i865 and my system is XP Home (SP2). Clicking Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes displays a window showing the printer name and on the left hand side panel is a section named Printer Tasks. One of the tasks is 'Select printer preferences' and clicking on that brings up a window with 5 tabs, one of which is 'Page Setup'. Clicking on that tab displays various settings that can be changed including printing in reverse order. Hope this helps.

  FreeCell 19:06 29 Oct 2006

HP is similar to the Canon but not quite the same. On mine after se;lecting Properties there are six tabs. Choose "Advanced" and then there is a button for "Printer Defaults" which will take you to where you can select the Basics and Front to Back/Back to Front options.

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