separate VOB files put into just one file?

  PC_HelpMe 00:15 08 Oct 2010

Hi folks,

My dvd recorder records an item in sections - when I put it onto a disc to transfer to my computer I then have to "splice" these 2 sections together to watch it as "one" item. I don't know if it is the software I use, but when watching the item once spliced together, you can always tell whereabouts I joined them, as there is a slight freeze on the screen. Do you think it could be the software I am using or do other people have this problem?

  eedcam 05:32 08 Oct 2010

Your dvd recorder should not do that yes the vobs will be in groups of app 1 GIg each and then whatever is left but should be seamless.Unless of course you are doing seperate recordings say a part one and a part 2 What software are you using to get it on the pc. Are you making a dvd video on the recorder or a dvd VR .If for example it is all one say afilm . then al you should be doing on the pc is creating a disc image .Iso file or a Folde which would be a Video _ts folder .eithr of these should playback exactly as you saw them on tv

  PC_HelpMe 20:03 11 Oct 2010

Thank you for your response. I don't really know what I am doing as am new to this - but this is what I do currently.......

Once the programme has been put onto a disc (it is a full half hour episode with no breaks in it) it is showing up as 2 separate vob files - one with a lot more memory than the other. I am then using some software to convert them into an mpeg format so that I can splice them back together using Windows Movie Maker (mpeg was one of the only formats the movie maker would recognise). What software should I use therefore to not have to "splice" them together?

  eedcam 22:20 11 Oct 2010

Hi thats about right you probably have on vob of appp 1 gig and the other just a few M/bytes. They are alrerady Mpeg format within the vob file
Why do you ned to work with them if you rip the dvd to the HD it will just play seamlessly.Appreciate you are new so if thats all you want to do Ie get the dvd onto the hd then play it let me know and we can go an easy route

  michaelw 09:21 12 Oct 2010

If I'm reading you correctly you burn to dvd on your recorder then rip on your pc, then burn again to dvd. You could try Ashampoo burner (free) which only burns vob files click here but make sure you put all the vobs in one folder.

  PC_HelpMe 22:43 12 Oct 2010

Hi, What I would like to do is take them off the hard drive of my dvd recorder and put them onto the hard drive of my computer. When I copy them from the hdd of my dvd recorder onto a disc and then put that disc into my dvd drive of my computer, I am then having problems getting them off the disc and onto my computer's hard drive as when I "explore" my disc to access the programme's file, it shows the programme as these 2 separate vob files. I don't know how to get them off the disc and onto the computer's hard drive without them "splitting". Does any of that make any sense?

  PC_HelpMe 22:45 12 Oct 2010

Could I just need some specific software that would enable me to copy the contents of the disc directly onto the hard drive without it coming up as separate files?

  PC_HelpMe 20:10 14 Oct 2010

Thank you Lazarus - I will try these and see what happens................will keep you posted.

  PC_HelpMe 20:59 14 Oct 2010

HURRAH - the VOB2MPG software works (although once it has converted the files into mpg, the file is quite big - and when playing, it says the clip lengths are short - ie; 10 minutes when actually in real time just under an hour), but it certainly does what I wanted to be able to do - so YIPPEE!

Thank you so much!

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