Separate Hard Drive for Operating System

  elsmandino 22:53 18 Jul 2009


I am building a computer with the following specs:

Antec p182
4GB Corsair Memory (PC 6400)
Asus P5Q-E
750W Corsair PSU
1TB Samsung Spinpoint (for media)
Radeon4850 Graphics Card

I need a hard drive for my OS and Programmes and would like to avoid the expensive SSD and Raptor hard drives. I have looked around and it seems the best alternative would be a second 1TB Samsung Spinpoint (though Western Digital Caviar Black has been suggested as an alternative).

Do you think that 1. It would be a waste of money to buy a 1TB hard drive just for the Operating System and Programmes - I don't really play games, so much of the space is never really going to be used 2. I have heard that placing the Operating System on such a large hard drive is actually a bad idea (though am not sure why) - is this true? If so should I partition, to say leave just 100GB (or much less) free for the OS and the rest for programmes?

Would be really grateful for your comments and suggestions for any alternatives.

  Strawballs 23:00 18 Jul 2009

I know windows can be a bit bloated but I think 1TB just for O/S and programs is a bit exccesive, no very exccesive.

  Jollyjohn 14:31 19 Jul 2009

On a hdd that size I would create 3 primary partitions of 50gb each and then an extended partition within which I would create a logical partiton of about 100gb and another for the rest of the space.
This would give you the option to install more than one OS and use the smaller logical partition for programmes and the larger for data.

  tullie 16:13 20 Jul 2009

Personely i dont think theres a point in partitioning,if there is someone tell me.

  Terry Brown 21:51 20 Jul 2009


The idea of partitioning is to seperate the operating system from your personal data.

This is so when (not if) the computer crashes, you can reload your operating system and your personal (working) data is still available.

I find the best option is to move my documents to another drive, as most data goes through that.

To do so:
From the Desktop, Right click my documents, select properties and enter where you want the data stored. You will then get the option to move all my documents data to the new location.
Any future data will automaticly go to the new location.

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