sent mail... but i have not sent any!!!

  alberybunch 21:59 02 Feb 2003

hi can anyone tell me what is happening to my computer i seem to have nothing but problems lately
i am running windows xp with aol and in my sent mail box there are loads every day of sent mail (not nice stuff) and it has not been sent from this computer and today i get an email from a 7 yr old kid saying please stop sending me explicit mail.......
i have not a clue where it is coming from if someone is hacking into my computer how do i stop this..
please can any one help..

  Cordy13 22:02 02 Feb 2003

Sounds a bit like you have a Virus.

  alberybunch 22:04 02 Feb 2003

i have done a virus check but it came back with nothing

  PSF 22:08 02 Feb 2003

What virus checker did you use, are the virus definitions all up to date.

  alberybunch 22:11 02 Feb 2003

they said they were updated daily it was called panda virus checker i think. aol suggested them

  mikef™ 22:22 02 Feb 2003

It could also be someone with your address that has a virus, as several will send out these sort of things and makr it look likr they are from you.

Also alberybunch you say Panda update daily but are YOU updating your computers version daily as well?

  PSF 22:25 02 Feb 2003

click here try this online scan, I cannot find the Norton one at the moment.

click here

for removal tools.

  alberybunch 22:26 02 Feb 2003

i only downloaded it today as i could not use my password this morning i will try and do the scan again and see what happens

  VoG™ 22:32 02 Feb 2003

You are being "spoofed" I suspect click here

  alberybunch 23:11 02 Feb 2003

i think you may be right should i stop sending emails to my friends till i have got rid of this bug

  VoG™ 23:14 02 Feb 2003

I think that you should e-mail everybody in your address book and ask them to do a scan online or to update and run their own virus checker.

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