Sent items in Outlook

  herc182 08:19 17 Mar 2009

This might be a simple question, but can you STOP microsoft outlook saving sent items automically? I have a raft of crappy emails in there which is a pain to delete all the time.

Yes, i know, I could just stop sending crappy emails :) But can you disable automatic saving of emails?


  mike40 08:45 17 Mar 2009

In Outlook click on tools - preferences - email options and untick the box marked 'save copies in sent items folder'. That is in Outlook 2007 I am not sure if it is the same in 2003

  Jim_F 08:50 17 Mar 2009

For Outlook 2003: Under 'Tools' - 'Options' - 'Preferences' - 'Email Options', untick the option to Save sent messages

This is under 'Tools' - 'Options' - 'Send' in Outlook Express

  herc182 09:01 17 Mar 2009

Excellent...however, what if i WANT to save one or two that are actually important (I.e. work related emails!).


  mike40 09:10 17 Mar 2009

I am not sure this is possible but I cannot understand why you find it such a chore deleting them. All you need to do is highlight the first one you want to delete. hold down the shift key and then press the down arrow which will highlight them all. Keep the shift key pressed and then press delete. Any you want to keep make sure they are not highlighted. Only takes a second

  herc182 09:12 17 Mar 2009

I had 1000 items in my sent items today...all of which are intermingled with crappy it is a bit laborious with that many!

just dont want to have it again and again!

  anchor 09:16 17 Mar 2009

1000 sent items in one day, and only one or two important ones. That must be a record.

  herc182 10:12 17 Mar 2009

LOL...I meant TODAY I had a look at probably a months worth of emails...

I have however submitted my application to the guiness book of records (and the darwin awards when I eventually sucumb to RSI)

  GPa 19:52 11 Sep 2009

I actually have the opposite problem to herc182; wish we could do a deal.
My Sent Items folder (Outlook 2003)empties itself, ie a sent message stays there for a very short time - then disappears!
I have searched my desktop with Google to see if they went to the recycle bin or somewhere else - but no such luck.
The right options are ticked in my preferences, and I have to quickly move sent messages from "sent items" to a new "sent messages" folder before they disappear, but I can't do that forever!
Anyone any ideas??

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