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  geedad 22:22 07 Apr 2009

Is there any free software (apart from MSGTAG), that will notify me if my emails have been opened?
I have tried MSGTAG freebie, but for some unknown reason, it does not seem to work.

  MAJ 23:19 07 Apr 2009

I'm sorry to say, geedad, but if you sent a tagged email to me, it would be the last email I would allow you to send me. MSGTAG seems to be a spammers tool, or at least, acts like one. I hope you are getting permission from your email recipients to use the 'tool' on them.

  MAJ 23:21 07 Apr 2009

PS It could be that the reason it's not working for you is because your email recipients have got wise to it and are blocking it. I hope so.

  geedad 07:21 08 Apr 2009

I am interested in your comments regarding using MSGTAG, and it being a possible source of spamming.
In what way does that happen?
I have found it a handy tool in the past when contacting my offspring, and if there is a delay in their replies.Just to know the emails have been read keeps me happy!

  Batch 08:56 08 Apr 2009

To my knowledge there is no way that you can force people to acknowledge receipt of, let alone reading of email without their consent.

  MAJ 11:57 08 Apr 2009

Hi geedad, I'm not saying MSGTAG is a cause of spamming or that the means it uses to alert you will attract any more spam than normal, What I'm saying is that it uses one of the same methods that spammers use to alert them of an active email address. In essence it sends information from someone else's computer (the fact that they have opened an email) without their permission. As it's your children who are involved, I'm sure it's okay with them though............ you have asked them, haven't you? Just ask them to authorise their email client to send a receipt when the email is opened. That way they can see that you have requested one openly.

  geedad 13:20 08 Apr 2009

Many thanks, Maj.
All points taken on board!

  geedad 13:33 08 Apr 2009

Thanks, also!

  geedad 08:57 09 Apr 2009

Further to our chats about MSGTAG, please see response from MSGTAG regarding my concerns about possible spam.

Thanks for your email. MSGTAG is not related to spam or spam-behaviour at all. We do recommend that you use the MSGTAG footer to indicate that MSGTAG is being used, but I can assure you that there is no link between MSGTAG and anything to do with spam. Please check our privacy policy at click here

Hope you find it interesting.

  MAJ 10:25 09 Apr 2009

What do you want me to say, geedad? Do you want me to retract what I said as not true? It is true, it sends a message from someone else's computer about their activity (opening an email) without their knowledge.

"We do recommend that you use the MSGTAG footer to indicate that MSGTAG is being used"

Is this footer seen before the email is opened? No. it isn't, the email has to be opened first and a receipt surreptitiously sent, granted, from that point on, your recipients can choose to ask you not to use it or they can block it, but they shouldn't need to 'opt out', they should be asked if they want to opt in first.

"but I can assure you that there is no link between MSGTAG and anything to do with spam."

Well does the fact that it uses one (or more, I don't know) methods that spammers use to check to see if your email address is active, mean that it doesn't have "anything to do with spam"? Bit of a grey area there at the very least.

Anyhoo, if you think it's good practise..........

At least MS allow you to ask for a read receipt first, before sending one.

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