Sending a Web Page by an e-mail attachment

  Splodge 11:08 22 May 2004

I am using a new form of protest called CHISKS (chain letter disks) to expose Islington Housing Department failures.

I have it in the form of a web page, with all the settings and have put the 1700 gifs and jpegs into a readable format.

Unfortunately some computers find the 45Mb too much to handle so it stalls.

The cost of these disks with postage also costs a considerable amount.

I would like to send the contents of the disk by e-mail. Once on a hard drive it opens easily.

Howevert, I cannot figure how to attach the whole file in one hit. I can add the HTML file and the gifs and jpegs on by one but I would like to copy the whole folder at once.

I have Outlook Express 6 and XP Home upgraded to the new SP2 Candidate 1, but I just cannot find an easy route.

Incidentally if you have a serious complaint CHISKS, used sensibly creates panic in ranks of those being complained about and the media are prepared to follow it up.

e-mail me and I can send the "Statement of Intent" about CHISKS and perhaps one of my disks as an example.

Thanks guys and gals for any input or interest.

  Pesala 15:23 22 May 2004

Sending even a 1 Mbyte attachment would block some mail boxes and immediately alienate the very people who's support you are seeking.

Set up a website and email a link to the website, with a brief introduction saying who you are, and why you are sending the email. That way, people can visit the website if it interests them, and download a PDF file to print out a petition. Sending and receiving a 1K email is a lot easier than sending 45 Mbytes.

Keep the home page simple and to the point. Keep most graphics small. If you need a large graphic (more than 50K) put a link, "click here to enlarge" or similar.

Just take a look at this email from Yahoo groups:


Welcome to the DharmaHouse group at Yahoo! Groups, a
free, easy-to-use email group service. Please
take a moment to review this message.

To learn more about the DharmaHouse group, please visit

http:/ /

To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to

[email protected]

If you do not wish to belong to DharmaHouse, you may
unsubscribe by sending an email to

[email protected]

To see and modify all of your groups, go to

http:/ /


Moderator, DharmaHouse

Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to

http:/ /

  Pesala 15:26 22 May 2004

but I hope you can see my point.

  Splodge 19:08 22 May 2004

Thank you for your advice. It is good. I sent the file to myself and it took forever even though I have Broadband.

I think I will use my internet provider to set up the account. The trouble is, it is 7 years since my last foray when I used a (free)ftp and the one I have now is very confusing.

I will persevere, the address will be

Give it a week and visit. Please tell me what you think.


  Splodge 15:32 23 May 2004

Thanks to you and the impetus you gave me, I have spent about 14 hours setting up my site.

I had a lot of corrections to make in order that the .gifs would work. The web-site is more precise in demanding absolute accuracy in terms of capitals and lower case but it is done.

It still takes a long time to download but it is on.

It is at

http//click here

Enjoy or curse, the thanks are mine.


John Benson

  Pesala 17:11 23 May 2004

Nobody is going to wait for that lot to download just to hear complaints. Sorry, but you must do much better than that if you are going to get anyone to listen.

The home page should load in about five seconds. So far your page has taken 11 minutes on 150K broadband and only 378 images of 1,551 have downloaded.

You need to split the information into managable chunks, and optimize the graphics to keep them sharp,but as small as possible. The letters work better as scanned images, but you don't need to crop them quite so tightly - there are better ways of reducing file sizes.

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