Sending screenshot!

  gazmix 02:12 08 Sep 2009

My Paint programme has dissapeared from my Programmes>Accessories menu, so i can't seem to use it to copy a screenshot using Print Screen button.

I have attempted to download a copy of Paint, only for it to land on my desktop with loads of other icons that ended in .dll that i couldn't shift & had to do a System restore.

Can anyone tell me how i can download 'Paint', so it slots back into its place in Programmes>Accessories & all the files go in their correct places.


  interzone55 08:53 08 Sep 2009

Don't bother with Paint get something far more useful.

For simple screengrabs or viewing slideshows use Irfan View. click here this is completely free and offers some quite powerful image processing features, and works with Photoshop plugins

For working with images use the very powerful, but free, click here this supports layers, masks and photoshop plugins

  gazmix 12:04 08 Sep 2009

No i just want the standard 'Paint' in the dropdown menu!
I only want it for a 1 off screenshot, i don't want to be downloading no fancy programmes which i'll never use again!

In system32, i can't find mspaint.exe, is it hidden in a sub-folder?

  mooly 12:15 08 Sep 2009

You can paste print screen stuff into wordpad as well as into paint.
If it's only just done this is it worth trying system restore back even further in time? or have you tried that already.

What operating system? Have you tried running sfc /scannow to repair any damaged windows files.

  gazmix 13:43 10 Sep 2009

ah, so i can print images into Notepad using the PrintScreen button?

I'm not sure when it was erased, it could've been anytime & i'm not sure how!!

  interzone55 14:08 10 Sep 2009

No, you can't paint into Notepad - that's a text only program, but you can use Wordpad - which should be in the Accessories part of the start menu.

You can start paint manually by selecting the Run box in the start menu, or pressing windows key (next to Shift) and R together. When the Run box pops up type mspaint and press Enter.

  Poitier 14:12 10 Sep 2009

Have you tried add/remove /windows components /accessories /paint?

  gazmix 13:25 13 Sep 2009

in components, boxes like Outlook Express & Windows messenger, Windows Media, Internet Explorer are checked, should i uncheck them & just check accessories & then click on details?

I'm using XP pro, but don't have a disk as my pc came with it already installed!

There is no Wordpad in programmes >accessories either.

  Poitier 15:15 13 Sep 2009

Do not remove ticks unless you want to remove the component.Just click on accessories to highlight if it is not already selected and then click on details.It shows details of the item selected.

  gazmix 13:36 14 Sep 2009

ok i made sure accessories was checked, i clicked on details, then i got a box saying accessories & games, i, they were both checked, i clicked details again & there was a long list that included 'paint', of which all were checked. Does that mean it should be installed?

  interzone55 13:46 14 Sep 2009

Check it's installed by doing as I said in my post of Thu, 10/09/[email protected]:08

Press the Windows Key & R to bring up the run dialogue and type mspaint to launch the program...

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