sending scanned pics to another person!

  traceymarie602002 20:47 06 Mar 2003

hello-im here again-thanks everyone for help installing scanner
i now need help with somthi9ng probably very simple to do-however I really am dumb when it comes to p.c,s and would love to know if someone can help me to scan a pic and send it to someone else -thanks-tracey

  MAJ 20:55 06 Mar 2003

Sorry traceymarie602002, I don't know which scanner or software you have installed, but basically you put the picture in to your scanner face down, close the lid, bring up your scanning software, go to File > Acquire > Image, or hit the scan button if your scanner has one. You then get a number of options concerning which way the image is scanned. Choose to scan in colour, and choose a resolution of about 150dpi, if the person receiving it is not going to print it, about 300 dpi if they are going to print it. Save the scanned image and send it via email. Your scanner might have a "scan to email" option were it basically does all that automatically.

  traceymarie602002 21:17 06 Mar 2003

thanks MAJ-the scanner is a mustek1200cp-the problem is that i dont understand how to save to file etc, etc, etc-told u im dumb! loads of this that an the othyer- just dont know which buttons to press! sorry to be a pest-tracey

  MAJ 21:31 06 Mar 2003

Is that the scanner with 5 buttons on the front of it, Tracey? Is it the 5th one down on this page? click here

  Lú-tzé 21:55 06 Mar 2003

traceymarie602002 - get irfanview click here and install it.

Choose the option to import a pic from the scanner (file_aquire).

Tell it to save it as a jpeg (small file / good quality).

Go into email prog and compose email. Add the saved file to it as an attachment.

  traceymarie602002 21:54 07 Mar 2003

MAJ- no its none of those- it says its scanexpress1200cp-mustek. thanks tracey

  traceymarie602002 21:55 07 Mar 2003

MAJ- no its none of those- it says its scanexpress1200cp-mustek. thanks tracey

  MAJ 22:17 07 Mar 2003

Okay Tracey. You will have received software with your scanner, I'm assuming you have that software installed. Open it from Start > Programs. When it opens go to File > Select Twain Source and choose your scanner. Then go to File > Acquire > Acquire image. You should then get your scanning options. First, if it's a colour image you want to scan, choose the colour option as opposed to Grey Scale or Lineart. Then set the resolution you want to scan at, if it's only for viewing by your friend, scan at 100 - 150, if it's for printing by your friend, scan at 300. Then hit the Preview button, your scanner will do a quick scan to show what it looks like. Then hit the Scan button and the scanner will scan the picture at the settings you chose earlier. When it's finished scanning you will see the scanned image. Go to File > Save as and save the picture to your hard drive, somewhere were you will remember it is. I don't know what file type your scanner scans to, it could be jpeg, Tiff or other format. Will you let us know? If the image is only for viewing, save it as a jpeg. Then attach it to an email for your friend.

  traceymarie602002 10:05 08 Mar 2003

thanks maj

  zaach 10:38 08 Mar 2003

If I may add from experience, if you scan at 300 and your scanner provides .bmp output it's fairly essential to save as jpg or your attachment will be enormous at 300 and you are liable to get your ISP complaining about the size of your emails, or rejecting them.

  traceymarie602002 11:43 08 Mar 2003

im just sending a pic to a friend-scanner seems to do everything for me-on iphoto4-thenks everyone

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