Sending a Picture within an "E" mail

  Bingalau 19:14 19 Feb 2003

I thought I saw a query recently about putting pics in "E" Mails. so I thought I would put in my two-pennyworth.
Assuming you use OUTLOOK EXPRESS, click on it and then click on NEW MAIL. enter the address in the ADRESS BOX and the subject in the SUBJECT BOX then type in your letter as normal. Then to put a picture in the text, use your space bar to place curser in centre of the page. Click on "Format" and in the drop down menu click on "HTML" (Rich Text) on "Insert" on "Picture"...When the dialogue box opens, click "Browse" and another dialogue box will open..(In my case it is "My Documents") Search "My Documents" for the picture/image required and click on it to highlight it. (Preferably a Jpeg. picture). Then click on "Open" This dialogue box will disappear, leaving one still on screen. Click on "O.K." The picture will appear on screen. As it will be quite large at this point, move the control bar at the side of the screen to the bottom and you will see the edges of the picture. Click inside the picture area, this will produce the normal type of grab handles. Grab a corner one and move it at an angle upwards and inwards continuously until the picture is small enough to see properly, then continue to re-size it to fit your requirements. I believe it is possible to click/grab inside the picture to move its position around ..this bit doesn't seem to work for me but then I never get anything 100% correct anyway. When you are happy, click outside the picture to remove the handles and carry on typing more of your letter If you want to put another picture in then go through the rigmarole again. It sounds like a lot but it quite quick once practised a couple of times without saving it of course. If you want to practice first, just go through all the moves and when you have finished, click the cross in the top right of your screen and you will get a window asking if you want to save it..Click "NO" and it will disappear, ready for you to practice again.
I know someone else will come up with a simpler way. I hope so anyway, but for someone who is a beginner I think this method is suitable for me and hopefully other beginners .......... Bingalau...

  woodchip 19:20 19 Feb 2003

Yes just add as an attachment you will see the Picture without opening the attachment. A lot less word's and work

  Dr. Charles 19:25 19 Feb 2003

Woodchip I`m with you. What a palaver for a picture in an E mail. Also you can detach the picture if you want more easily.

Best wishes,


  graham 19:26 19 Feb 2003

Don't they come out too big if you do that?

  Stuartli 19:31 19 Feb 2003

Not if you rename the file as a jpeg ie .jpg

If you want to send a pic file as an attachment, right click on the file name, in Send To select Mail Recipient and you will get an OE panel with the attachment included.

You then add the recipient's e-mail address.

Much less long winded...:-)

  woodchip 19:37 19 Feb 2003

I find it the same with other things in windows, that if you do thing's like just right click you can get there a lot faster, or use win+E for Explore etc just experiment also look in *.TXT files in windows folder for a load of info that's what they are there for

  watchful 19:37 19 Feb 2003

All you need to do is click Insert, browse to your folder and choose where to place the pic.

  graham 19:42 19 Feb 2003

If you send a jpeg picture as an attachment it will take ages to download on 56k and will not fit on the screen, it will have scroll bars. You have to reduce the size with something like Irfanview before sending.

  woodchip 19:57 19 Feb 2003

Send your E-Mail and I will show you how fast and how big the Jpeg is only about 135Kb when sent and open it in a photo editing program you will find it is several Mb in size

  graham 20:10 19 Feb 2003

Can't send you a picture thru' PCA

  graham 20:12 19 Feb 2003

Sorry, misread. email on way.

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