Sending photos to form that doesn't accept .jpg

  tornadoted 14:26 15 Oct 2016

Spent ages today trying to fill in an online form.
It asked for photographs. Copied in several.

Transmission rejected as "this site does not accept .jpg images"

Important image could be sent as a scan, but couldn't send images from pictures in windows 10. Am out of my depth here so any help greatly wellcomed

  Burn-it 17:23 15 Oct 2016

Contact the authors of the form as that format is the most sensible one for them to use. They may be expecting .bmp , but they can be huge in comparison for little gain in quality. I would like to bet thet they convert all pictures to .jpg internally.

  tornadoted 07:45 16 Oct 2016

It was an appeal form for a private parking offence, I took it as an attempt to try to limit the amount of evidence I could send in defence. I did email them after as in my defence I had refered to pictures that when uploaded were not accepted due to the above. Made official complaint which may actually help me but due to the weekend and automated responses, not able to actually talk to anyone.

  lotvic 13:30 16 Oct 2016

Was the appeal to POPLA? You may find the free 'fightbackforum' useful click here lots of info

  Burn-it 13:43 16 Oct 2016

Apparently local authorities make hundreds of thousands of pounds each year from "illegal" parking fines. In many cases they are supposed to refund the money, but their "excuse" is that it will cost them too much to do so, therefore they don't refund unless a claim is made. There was no suggestion that they would stop making the illegal claims in the first place.

  tornadoted 14:19 16 Oct 2016

Lotvic, It's not gone to POPLA yet, my letter was the first appeal stage that says drop it or give me a POPLA ref no, this gets to 2nd stage of appeal. I have loads of advice, template forms etc, but in my 60's when an official online form to a company who are trying to charge me £100 for driving into and out of a retail park, total time 20mins, and then get asked to produce a blue badge photograph plus supporting evidence only to find their system won't take .jpg format pictures so can't add photos is ludicrous

Burn it, it's a private parking company, council I have no issue with, these sharks I do.

  Burn-it 14:36 16 Oct 2016

Fight it! Were there signs in obviously visible places?? If they can't produce evidence of easily readable signs AND evidence that you were actually parked there, most courts will throw it out unless there is more involved.

  lotvic 14:46 16 Oct 2016

Hmm, you've had a private invoice for parking charges. £100 for 20 minutes.

I'd follow MSE guide click here unfair ticket in a private car park, don't automatically pay it. These supposed 'fines' handed out are merely invoices, often unenforceable


  lotvic 14:48 16 Oct 2016

dratted formatting... Last bit should have been a (partial) quote from MSE website:

unfair ticket in a private car park, don't automatically pay it. These supposed 'fines' handed out are merely invoices, often unenforceable

  tornadoted 14:54 16 Oct 2016

MSE is my home, my appeal is based on advice gained there, the technical bit re the photos just stopped me in full flow though, everything on camera bounced so had to scan blue badge only. I sent that as an additional reason that their communication is totally flawed given this is for parking in a disabled bay with a badge but without a ticket.

  lotvic 15:00 16 Oct 2016

MSE Righto :)

Did the scanned blue badge picture send ok? Wasn't that also a .jpg picture?

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