Sending Photos By Email limitation

  ponytail 08:31 31 May 2013

I recently went back to where we lived when me and my brothers were at school and took a lot of photos.I want to send them to my brother who lives in Spain but when I try to attach them to the email I get the following message. We cant attach your files because they exceed the 25-mb limit.To send these files use Skydrive.What is Skydrive how do I get it and use it as have never used it before or heard of it.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:46 31 May 2013

Why not use DropBox to send your photos as it is a lot simpler to use than Microsoft's Skydrive?

You install DropBox on your PC, create a folder within it and copy all your photos to it. you then can simply share the folder with your brother, he does not need to have DropBox installed, but it is even simpler if he does as you can share a folder and anything that go in from you or your brother can instantly be accessed by the other.

I have been using it for years,great bit of software.

  BT 08:55 31 May 2013

Chronos the 2nd

I am not impressed that the link you posted to Dropbox downloaded it without giving me the option to choose!!!!!!!!!

  Chronos the 2nd 09:04 31 May 2013


Not the correct link I will admit but I believe you do still need to click on Run or Save before it will download.

Here is the correct link. DropBox Tour.

  Terry Brown 10:28 31 May 2013

Personally I prefer yousendit

You send it

If you only want to send the occasional file, then there is no charge, however you can only send one file at a time (suggest Winzip).

There is a charge if you want to send a lot of data or multiple items.


  ponytail 11:00 31 May 2013

Hi Chronos the 2nd Have installed drop box created a new folder and copied and pasted my photos into the new folder now how do I email them.I have also sent a link for drop box to my brother

Was there a problem with PCA just now as I kept getting server error or was it just my PC

  Chronos the 2nd 11:15 31 May 2013


You do not need to email the folder ETC you just need to send a link. Full instructions here mate. Share a Folder on DropBox.

  onthelimit1 15:12 31 May 2013

I think easier to use the free Picasa to organise all the photos on the PC. Can be emailed easily, and shrink them to a suitable size automatically.

  ponytail 15:31 31 May 2013

Hi again Chronos the 2nd Still have problems.This is what I have been doing Click on start Click on dropbox Photos folder appears getting started appears double click photos sample album appears double click sample album folder titled Terrys photos appears which was the new folder I created and the photos are in there and appear when I double click the folder What have I to do to share your link said something about clicking on the blank space next to the folder

  Chronos the 2nd 16:12 31 May 2013

I have just used this method using two of my own email addresses so I know it works.

Go to the DropBox icon in the bottom right hand side and right click on it then click on which will open your page/storage on the DropBox server.

You will see your folder/s, single left click so it turns blue then right click and click on either Invite to folder or Share link. In the top put the email address of the person you want to share with. In the lower box write any message, once done click on share folder or send.

Your brother will receive the link. Job done.

  ponytail 17:23 31 May 2013

tried that and get the message your photos cant be turned into a shared folder

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