Sending Music by Email.

  nagonlouse 23:12 22 Apr 2006

What way can I send a CD of say 12 tracks by Email? or is this too much by way of Mbs or MBs. Is there another way of sending such a CD. All advice would be appreciated.

  bluto1 23:18 22 Apr 2006

I`ve not heard of any way to send music by e-mail. I suppose if you can put the content into a folder it might be possible, but how is that done? Hopefully an expert will be along in a minute. Best of ...

  remind 23:25 22 Apr 2006

Assuming there are no copyright issues involved, the most practical way is to compress the tracks using mp3 VBR or OGG, or something like FLAC or MonkeyAudio to compress with no loss of quality at all, zip the whole lot then post it you click here

CDEx Extractor click here
Rather techy guide for OGG and FLAC among other things, and a higher opinion of EAC than CDEx
click here

Monkeyaudio click here

  johnnyrocker 23:46 22 Apr 2006

i note from a previous post that the limits on you send it are now not a generous as in the days when i used it, it was then up to 2 gig per trans now it is in megs.


  remind 23:51 22 Apr 2006

True, 50mb.
click here do 100mb.

  nagonlouse 19:46 23 Apr 2006

blutol,johnnyrocker, and remind thanks for your response I will have a go at your suggestions. Thanks again.

  nagonlouse 20:16 23 Apr 2006

Hi , me again, Just had a go at (remind`s) (YOU SEND IT) and it`s just what I need . Cheers.

  anchor 10:22 24 Apr 2006


Thanks for the link to "dropload". I did not know of this one.

I recall that "YouSendIt" used to send 1Gb free not so long ago.

  nagonlouse 19:29 25 Apr 2006

anchor. it still does.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:48 25 Apr 2006

Call me old fashioned but why not send it by snail mail. If you posted it on the first day of your post here it would have been there by now :-)))


  hzhzhz 22:51 25 Apr 2006

GANDALF <|:-)>

LOL :-0

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