Sending large pdf files by E-Mail

  trevpearson 19:38 28 Jul 2004

I'm trying to send .pdf files (manuals) by E-Mail attachments. 100% failure. The files are large (4 to 8 mbs), I've tried to zip them (same failure rate).
I'm using IE6 and as my ISP.
OS is XP Pro.
I'm very much a newbie to this.
Can anyone offer advice/help.

  Salinger 19:41 28 Jul 2004

If you are sending to one recipient have you considered Yahoo Messenger?

  Smiler 19:46 28 Jul 2004

Does your recipient's mail client allow files that large. I know that hotmail has a limit of about 1.5mb.

  trevpearson 20:13 28 Jul 2004

I've tried HOTMAIL, no success. YAHOO MESSENGER, hmmmm, I'll try that. I can forsee, at the end of the day, I will have to try burning a CD and snail mail.
Thanks for the suggestions.

  leo49 20:20 28 Jul 2004

click here

I use the above service - it's free and it works.You upload the file,enter the recipient's email address and they receive an email containing a download link.

  Pesala 20:24 28 Jul 2004

I checked out mail service:
click here

"Each Mailzone account is allocated a certain amount of disk space. Once it reaches maximum capacity, messages are returned to their senders. For this reason, it is good practice to clean out your mailboxes on a regular basis, deleting messages that are outdated or have otherwise served their purpose."

If you cannot even send the emails, the problem is at your end. Perhaps the first attachment you tried to send filled your mailbox allowance.

I've not used Yahoo Messenger before, but that may be the best solution. There are email services that have no limits, but the recipient may still have a limit.

  Salinger 20:36 28 Jul 2004

I have had no problems sending or receiving files of 60Mb with Yahoo Messenger, mind you, if you or the recipient is on dial-up be prepared for a loooong wait!

  woodchip 20:53 28 Jul 2004

The problem you may be having may be nothing to do with sending. It may be the limit that the recipient as got set on is ISP e-mail box on the server. Before sending phone the person or send a E-Mail to say that you are sending the a large Mail so if they will keep there mail box clear

  trevpearson 21:04 28 Jul 2004

Wow, problem solved, and so quick. Thank you all for your expertise. 10 out of 10 to all of you.
Many thanks

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