Sending Large Files over The Net???

  paul1975 17:05 27 Nov 2006

My brother is currently working on a contract in India. His masters degree work that he handed into uni before he went has come back and he needs to correct a few things.

Instead of me posting the pages he needs done to him, im looking for an alternative. He has his masters saved on my is there anyway i can send it to him via the web instead of emailing it to him? (emailing will take too long) other words are there any sites i can use to send it free?


  Graham. 17:07 27 Nov 2006

Do you have any webspace with your ISP?

  rodriguez 17:11 27 Nov 2006

I use MegaUpload (click here) rather than Rapidshare as it's more reliable - most of the time Rapidshare doesn't work and gives "Download session invalid" and you can't get anything from it. When the file is sent to MegaUpload, they give you a link to the file which you then send out to allow people to download it.

  sean-278262 17:12 27 Nov 2006

click here
click here

To name but 2.

  paul1975 17:13 27 Nov 2006

Tried Rapidsahre but all their drives are full at the moment.

Im on NTL broadband how do i know if they provide webspace?


  paul1975 17:16 27 Nov 2006

Cheers rodriguez and creature of the nite!

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