Sending Large Files by Internet

  lodger 07:51 09 Feb 2003

I have a 24MB file, is there some way of breaking it up into smaller chunks, so that i can send it online or by email?

  Pesala 08:46 09 Feb 2003

Try this Freeware. I just downloaded it myself. It might come in handy one day. I assume that you already know how to archive files to compress them. Post again, if not.

click here

  AMD 4 ever 09:17 09 Feb 2003

By the tiem that goes you could have Burnt it to CD, and sent it by snail mail.
What is it, an image?program?

  Pesala 10:03 09 Feb 2003

As you know, one can download programs from the internet that are considerably larger than 24 Mbytes. All you have to do is upload the file to your webspace, and send a link to that file in an email. Then the recipient will be able to download it.

To see if it works click on the link below to download a free font from my website. This file is only 30 Kbytes, but it could equally well be 30 Mbytes. click here

  Terrahawk 10:47 09 Feb 2003

sorry to butt in just a quick thanks to Pesala
have downloaded file splitter from the link may prove most useful to a prob i have

  powerless 11:11 09 Feb 2003

You can send it online and that is probably the best way...

(if you don't have a CD writer or the file has to be sent pretty urgently - forget the snail mail)

The file splitter will work but when you think about it...It just splits the file up in to smaller chunks and then you can send the smaller chunks one after another.. That will take less time to send each iduvidual chunk. But the total time to send the file will be the eqivalent to sending the whole 24MB file at once give or take a few minutes.

One major advantage to sending the small chunked files is that if something goes wrong. You get disconnected etc...You dont have to start fresh by sending the whole 24MB file, just send the next chunk again.

Depending what the file is you can probably reduce the size. It will depend upon what file type and numerous other "things" as to the file reduction. But if you can reduce the file size from 24MB to say 15MB - YOU WIN!

Depending what Operating System you are using you can use a file compression program. If you have Windows XP then simply Right click the file and choose send to > "Compressed (zipped) Folder". Hopefully the file will be reduced in size.

If you dont have windows XP then click here and download WINZIP and use that to compress the file.

Now if the other person who you are sending this to has Windows XP then thats wonderful - if they dont they too will have to downloasd winzip.

Are you and the person who you are sending this file to, on any chat progrmas? MSN, Yahoo...Simply send the file via that. I've sent a 14MB file on yahoo and it took about an hour.

(she was on 56K and in New Zealand - hence the time)

You could also upload to a server for example click here the your freind goes to there finds the file and doenloads. But you have to upload the file in the first place.

Your best bet is to send it via a chat program and just wait till it uploads.

  powerless 11:14 09 Feb 2003

Second click here you cannot upload a file of that size.

  Pesala 18:12 09 Feb 2003

This thread throws up a few interesting questions about mail box size. I have only ever had a problem sending mail to one person whose mailbox was full. I have exchanged files of 2 or 3 Mbytes by email, but never tried anything as big as 24 Mbytes.

Presumably, there is a practical limit on most email services. If so, I don't see how splitting the file into small chunks will actually help. Just imagine, your email limit is 4 Mbytes. You split the file into six fragments, and tell your friend to delete the emails after collecting it, otherwise you cannot send the next one. Sounds like this could be a real hassle for both parties.

  powerless 18:16 09 Feb 2003

Well i have recieved a file on Freeserve that was 6MB.

Hotmail, netscape (aol, aim) and yahoo all have limits. But they are free so i guess you cant complain.

As i said "Your best bet is to send it via a chat program and just wait till it uploads."

  tran1 18:19 09 Feb 2003

Another way is to set up an FTP server on your PC. You give Login usernames and passwords to whoever you want and they can directly download from your hard drive!

Just a suggestion!

  Pesala 18:24 09 Feb 2003


That might actually work and solve lodger's problem. It might also me useful to me. Can you explain how to do it. I have limited experience with FTP Commander, which I use for my website.

Can I use FTP Commander to do what you suggest?

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