Sending images to TV

  matthewowl 13:25 30 Jul 2007

I was wondering if it was possible to send images from my PC (upstairs) to the TV (downstairs) wirelessly and at the same time to use a wireless keyboard and mouse from the TV room. This poses two questions a) are PC to TV senders any good? (argos have one for about £60 -click here) and b) can I get a mouse and keyboard that will operate at that sort of range (10m but through walls etc)?

Any advice would be appreciated.


  DieSse 00:06 04 Aug 2007

"Are PC to TV senders any good."

They're just the same as the ones you use from a VCR (or similar) to a TV. You will need to have an SVideo output or composite video output on you graphics card. Get a good quality one and it'll work fine.

Normal wireless K/b & mouse only work over a few feet range - you would need a special long distance version, perhaps like this click here

  matthewowl 20:51 04 Aug 2007

Thanks very much DieSse

  matthewowl 21:27 04 Aug 2007

How do I check to see if my graphics card has Svideo and composite output?

  ambra4 21:40 04 Aug 2007

Go this site

click here

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