sending files from a vista pc to xp pc?!....

  theDarkness 14:41 16 Oct 2007

I am having a problem seeing my vista pc when connected to my xp pc, and sending large files from my vista pc to my xp pc, with a standard network lead. I have switched off firewalls
on both systems, and set my selected folders and files from vista to be able to be shared and modified. My vista pc is set for a private network rather than public, so that there are no limitations. My vista laptop definately recognises my xp pc- eg shared folders from my xp system can be seen on vista, and media player music and video files that are shared on the xp machine can also be seen and played on the vista pc within media player and its 'play shared/networked media' option no problem. I can copy over any files from xp machine to vista, no problem, and of any size, just not the other way around-very large media files on vista, eg video or disc images, do not copy over fully to the xp machine.

The problem is usually shown as 'error 0x800705AD:Insufficient quota to complete the requested service' halfway through, and the xp pc packs up -as in the memory seems to run out and i have to restart the system to get it going at the correct speed again. I have a feeling the problem may lie with xp missing something to be able to see my vista pc and send large amounts of data over at once to it? Unless the vista pc is sending info over too fast for the xp machines memory to run out with large files?
Both pcs are 1.5gig (although the vista laptop is a dual core cpu), and both have 1gig of memory and plenty of spare hd space. Small files (eg images and mp3) copy over from vista to xp and play ok. An odd thing i have only just noticed, some larger files of around 500mb also copy over to my xp pc, do not come up with the annoying insufficient quota message, and DO run, yet take an age in starting up, almost as though what ive copied over is merely a link to whats on the vista machine, even when its not! (I take out the lead and run the files again as a test).

The files seem ok and run, but even when ive restarted the xp machine, taken the network lead out and clicked on what ive copied, they still take a long time to start even when they do not seem to have been corrupted?... As ive already mentioned, the 'insuficient quota' message comes up when trying to copy large files to xp, and so do not copy to the xp hd/shared folder fully.

When I look at freeramXP as I am copying from vista to the xp pc, i see my ram being reduced down to almost nothing (around 80mb of 600+mb that is usually free) before the insufficient quota message, and after that its impossible to do what the program is supposed to and free the memory back up again.
I need to restart to use the pc again as clicking on freeramXP at this point frees no memory up at all on xp, which is very odd, even if i cancel the file copying!

Even though vista can see the connected xp pc, this networked connection for just the two machines is shown as having 'limited or no connectivity', and shared files on the vista pc (and the vista pc in general), cannot be seen on the xp system at all. Im not sure if this is related or of any help-an automatic network LAN address seems to appear on the xp pc. The xp system usually has trouble with its ram after a while on trying to receive very large files, and cannot renew the IP address if tried. The xp pc definately has its firewall turned off and both systems are set for file and printer sharing, and wmp network sharing. thanks for any info, does anyone know how to get a full connection going on xp, to recognise a vista pc connected to it, and copy over large files from vista?

Is it an xp recognising vista problem which is causing xp not to display vista as a connected computer, and therefore the memory/ram loss which is impossible to correct (doesnt seem to be anything hogging xp memory in task manager either) and the 'insufficient quota' message when i try and copy large files over from vista to xp?! just seems off when i can copy files to the vista pc from xp no problem..

can anyone help? :) thanks if so, much appreciated!

  tobyb121 17:23 16 Oct 2007

I have found simelar problems with vista and xp. It is a very tempramental system, first make sure that they are on the same workgroup, you could try selecting a folder on the xp computer, and sharing it, and checking the box that says allow network users to change my files, then try copying the file on the vista computer into the folder on the xp computer, so you are moving the file in vista rather than xp, if that makes sense.

  theDarkness 16:35 18 Oct 2007

thanks for the reply-seems that im not the only one with this problem, its all over the net and microsoft do not want to admit the problem with file copying:

click here

  theDarkness 17:19 25 Oct 2007

does anyone have any idea if copying large files from vista to xp is a problem everyone has, or if its just my pc? i cant see the vista files from the xp machine when connected, I can only view and copy the files from vista, if that makes sense. the "insufficient quota" message till comes up with files over a couple hundred mb or more though after a few mins :(

im not sure if ms have had this problem put to them or not yet, there seems no way around it. overall connection is stuck on being "limited"

  theDarkness 17:23 25 Oct 2007

it seems i have no other option than to buy a large usb flash memory stick at the moment to transfer larger files since the dvd drive I have isnt that great,and dead slow with a dvd rewritable anyway-! thanks for any info if anyone knows how i can fix it (other than waiting for ms to update vista, which is probably what i shouldve waited for before buying a laptop since no one seems to offer one with xp anymore...)! :) :( lol

  theDarkness 17:39 25 Oct 2007

second page in the link i put in my second post has a user stating that everything is fine once vistas defender is switched off, but im pretty sure mine is already off, but ill have to check later. ill also try changing the printer to local but i dont think i had anything set up or connected at the time i was having problems- thanks for the reply though :)

  theDarkness 17:42 25 Oct 2007

oops didnt read your message properly,reading too fast again! :) ill try the defender thing and see what happens though -lol

  theDarkness 14:40 30 Oct 2007

defender being off didnt make any difference! :(
I know hundreds have sent this problem to ms but they havent responded with anything helpful, no quick fixes yet!
It seems many people have had exactly the same problem with XP Pro, if its happening now with vista then it seems they might have no idea on how to fix this one after all!

  john bunyan 14:56 30 Oct 2007

theDarkness.For reasons of backing up, I'm about to buy a HD cassette from Maplin(SATA black HD caddy) then add a 320Gig HD, and Acronis True Image to back up my HD with fast removable storage. Maybe , albeit an expensive option, You could consider such a system to load up the XP data files and transfer the whole lot to your new one leaving the second removable HD in the new machine. A bit OTT, Iknow !!

  john bunyan 15:50 30 Oct 2007

the Darkness
Sorry didnt realise you were talking about a laptop. In that case how about these quite reasonable USB External HDs to use as a back up anyway?

  theDarkness 10:23 31 Oct 2007

thanks for the info, but i just dont want to chance buying an external laptop to transfer the files and find out that vista stops halfway through with the same 'insuficient quota' message. All i know is that my 2G flash key works, so mayb i should just invest in a cheap 16G one for around £40? I dont want to buy an external hd at the moment and find out that it doesnt work. MS definately havent corrected the quota prob as far as i can tell from the official MS forums

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