Sending a fax from a pc

  Templar1961 08:32 16 Feb 2007

Assuming a modem is installed on the pc, and some sort of fax software (included in Windows?) then is it just a matter of connecting to a phone line to send a fax?

How is this charged by the phone commpany?

  JayDay 08:36 16 Feb 2007

Yes, as simple as that. You will be charged the normal rate for the call. eg local, national premium depending on the phone no.

  €dstowe 08:40 16 Feb 2007

Note the modem must be an analogue modem - the old "dial-up" type. You cannot sent a FAX directly over broadband.

  Andsome 08:48 16 Feb 2007

Surely faxes are almost obsolete now.

  Technotiger 08:57 16 Feb 2007
  Simsy 09:03 16 Feb 2007

as mentioned by JayDay and €dstowe, a FAX call is a "normal" phone call, so it uses a Dial-up modem and a normal phone line, and will be charges by the phone company according to the number dialled.

Also, in my experience of FAXing from a PC, (which isn't vast!), the normal way to initiate the process is to "Print" the document in question... you should find, (provided the appropriate software is installed!), that the fax "machine" appears as one of your printers.

(If you look in Control Panel you'll see that one of the sections is called "Printers AND FAXES").

Hope this helps, apologies if all it does is add confusion!



  anchor 09:27 16 Feb 2007

Andsome: you observed, "Surely faxes are almost obsolete now".

Not for me they are`nt. I use faxes fairly often, which unlike e-mails may, or may not, be read. A fax gives a recipient a permanent hard paper copy.

The method of sending given by Simsy is correct.

  €dstowe 10:59 16 Feb 2007

I have one customer (quite a large company) whose buyer does not get on with all of this "new fangled email and stuff". I keep a FAX machine just for him. It otherwise sits there unused from one week to the next until we have a project on with this company when the poor machine almost melts from overuse.

Why? Because it's worth it. Big customer. Big money comes in.

  Andsome 20:59 16 Feb 2007

anchor. Try this instead.

click here

  Kate B 21:10 16 Feb 2007

My doctor requires either a fax, a letter or a hand-delivered note for a repeat prescription *rolls eyes* It's the only reason I keep my ancient fax machine.

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