Sending favourites

  Foxy Loxy 20:39 11 Jul 2005

I want to send a folder, with about 20 items in it, from my "favourites" to a friend, so I right clicked on it, then "send to", then "mail recipient" and it sends it as an attachment. The problem is they can't/won't receive attachments. I'd be most grateful if someone can show me a way to do this without sending each website address individually. Thanks.

  mattyc_92 20:43 11 Jul 2005

Put the folder (and contents) into a *.zip file... click here for WinZip (free trial)...

There are programs like "7Zip" that will do the same for free, but I can't remember where to get them from...

  Hamish 20:46 11 Jul 2005

Copy and paste each web site address you wish to send into outlook express and send them all at once

  mattyc_92 20:48 11 Jul 2005

You could also do what Hamish has said, but this will be a more longer proceedure than ziping the files (and you can zip ANY file format you wish as well and it also compresses to save space... :) )

  Hamish 21:03 11 Jul 2005

Hi mattyc_92, very true and it would allow him to have a zip program as well

  Foxy Loxy 21:04 11 Jul 2005

Thanks for that, Matty & Hamish. Is there a way without the zip progam?

  mattyc_92 21:05 11 Jul 2005

Yes, do what Hamish said, but it is alot longer

As I said before, just do a Google search for something like "free zip manager" for a FREE version of WinZip

  woodchip 21:11 11 Jul 2005

yes you could open each page if you cannot see the address in favourites, copy the address and past in to WordPad after you have them all as text save the text file and send it. they would have to do in reverse

  Hamish 22:21 11 Jul 2005

Hi again, Right click on the favourite you wish to send, then properties and copy the site address, you do not have to open the page. Keep outlook express and internet explorer pages open and and change from one to the other while copying and pasting. Takes a wee while but is very easy and they all end up as links for your friend to click on and open then save. Bye now.

  Foxy Loxy 08:27 12 Jul 2005

Thanks for your help. I found click here, Hamish, and downloaded it but still opted for the slower paste method becasue I'm still not sure how to use zip and I suspect my friend may not either. It's on its way.

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