Sending Attachments Via OE

  Tinker Bell 12:55 20 Mar 2008


I have sent some correspondence (Letters) as attachments via OE, the company I've sent them to say they are unable to open the attachments, is there anything I need to insert re the attachment so that can open them up?

Cheers for any advice

  Diodorus Siculus 13:01 20 Mar 2008

The reason the recipient cannot open them may be that they do not have the software that you used to create them.

You can create pdf files that are universally acceptable on computers - click here for PrimoPDF which will create them.

  eedcam 13:01 20 Mar 2008

Unable to open or unwilling to open ? some companies will not open attachements as a precaution. Do you have to send letters as attachements

  Tinker Bell 13:49 20 Mar 2008

Hi eedcam

They are willing to open them, they say they can't though.


Thanks for the link, however, when I click on d/l it keeps comming up with a 302 & 404 error.

Before I do anything else, just to confirm what I've already done:

Scanned document onto blank word sheet (Openoffice)

Saved to desktop.

Opened up OE, attached document from desktop.

  David4637 13:50 20 Mar 2008

Copy and paste the letters from say word into the text area of the email. That way there is no prob with viruses in attachmnets. They can be printed out from the email text area. Thats what I do all the time, I WON'T open attachments. David

  Tinker Bell 14:01 20 Mar 2008


I've right clicked and copied, when I try and paste it into the email in OE, the paste icon is greyed out.

  Clapton is God 14:02 20 Mar 2008

You say that the documents you sent are in OpenOffice format.

If the recipient only has MS Office on their computer, they won't be able to open those documents unless you saved them as MS Word format click here and scroll down to the last sentence.

  Tinker Bell 14:11 20 Mar 2008

HI Clapton

Thanks, do I have to save the letters in MS format before attaching them, if so, how do I do that, I cannot see MS format within Edit -File, etc, etc.

  Tinker Bell 14:15 20 Mar 2008


I just looked under "Save as type"

Microsoft Word 2003 XML {.xml}

Do I save them as this, and then send them as attachments?

  Clapton is God 14:15 20 Mar 2008

Sorry, haven't a clue! I don't use OpenOffice.

I merely provided you with some guidance from their website

  Tinker Bell 14:16 20 Mar 2008

OK Clapton, thank you for your advice.

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