sending attachments via email

  syd sprout 10:35 21 Jul 2005

When i send a picture as an attachment something is converting it to a picture at the other end. It seems to split the picture up and the reciepients recieve it as a load of text. Often one attacment can end up as anything up to 20 seperate files depending on its size. Does anyone know the cause?

  Technotiger 10:44 21 Jul 2005

Hi, bit more info needed. What OS - XP etc?
What pic format BMP/jpeg? for starters - also
what email program?


  mls 12:02 21 Jul 2005

I am using Internet Explorer and Windows XP and have same problem. However, Word documents can appear in body of email, as well as graphic images.

  Technotiger 12:40 21 Jul 2005

Hi, mls - it is 'naughty' to hijack another member's Thread, consider your wrist slapped - however, to both of you: I would guess that you are both using Outlook or Outlook Express as your email program. My strongest advise is to use another email prgram instead, and I thoroughly recommend click here - free and it is excellent. I use it myself and will never use any other. It is simplicity itself to add photos to send, all you need to do is click on "Insert Picture" and follow the on-screen instructions - do NOT send Pictures as 'Attachments'. It does not matter if your recipient does not have Incredimail, it will still work.


  Technotiger 12:50 21 Jul 2005

ps - I forgot to mention that the best format for the pictures to send is - jpg/jpeg.


  Confab 12:58 21 Jul 2005

Outlook Express (if that's what you're using) can be set to split large files into smaller chunks and send these chunks as individual files. If any of these smaller files are opened, they usually have the extension .dat, then all the recipient will see is garbage. It's a way round sending large attachments if your or the recipients server has an attachment limit.

Some ways to solve the problem are:-

Don't have OE set to split large files

If you have to split the file because it's too big make sure you both use OE

Ask the recipient not to open any of the files until they are all downloaded. They should re-assemble themselves into one file.

  CHAIRLEG 13:33 21 Jul 2005

I find click here the easiest way to sent photos.Free just give it a go.

  Confab 18:07 22 Jul 2005

sorry to contact you direct but you are the only one to mention outlook express splitting files. It sounds like my problem. Can you tell me where in O/E i can find and change this please as the help section tells me nothing. sorry to trouble you syd

  Confab 18:08 22 Jul 2005

Thanks for the mail, no problem at all

I hope you don't mind but I've posted this back in the forum in case my answer doesn't solve your problem and someone else can help.

Open O/E then click on "Tools" then in the list click on Accounts. It's difficult to explain but don't do this if you are sending or receiving an e-mail as the Account option won't be viewable. You should see four tabs called "All" "New" "Mail" and "Directory Service". Click on the tab that says "mail". Under the account list you should see your mail server. In your case it may say something like and under the type list it may say "mail (default)". Click on this so it's highlighted. On the right hand side you'll see some boxes that say "Add" "Remove" "Properties" etc. Click on the one that says "Properties". Another box should appear with some tabs at the top, click on the one that says "Advanced" and another box with options should appear. Under the sending option make sure that the "Break apart messages over XXX is unticked. I've attached a screenshot for your info.

Any problems then please mail me or post in the forum

  Buchan 35 19:00 22 Jul 2005

I use Picasa 2 and incredimail. Technotiger and chairleg, between them have given you the answer. These two programmes are so user friendly it`s unbelievable. Give them a go, you`ll not change back.

  Buchan 35 23:12 22 Jul 2005

To help others with similar problems it would be nice to see what action you`ve taken. It`s a very basic reason for having a forum.

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