Sending in Acer Laptop for repair

  lynn_x 00:59 07 Jun 2009

My laptop will reach the end of the three year acer advantage warranty in a couple of months, but recently started acting up, as in the fan is so loud that it seems like something got stuck in the laptop. It also overheats often to the point of shutting itself down.

Anyway, I would like some advice as to what to do before sending the laptop in as I'm rather inexperienced and have no idea what to do or expect. Should I erase all my data? There isn't anything important but I just feel uneasy that people might have access to it. Should I also disable the password on startup even though the problem is external and shouldn't require access to windows itself?

I'm quite worried about sending it in because of all the bad reviews, but I really have not much of a choice at this point. Some help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  crosstrainer 06:56 07 Jun 2009

Lappy;s are not user freindly when it comes to repair..
It sounds as if you have dust and dirt accumulating in the fan system.

Still under warranty?

It's a no brainier really.

Backup all your data and return for repair :))

  mooly 07:09 07 Jun 2009

As crosstrainer says, I would definitely back up, probably on to usb flash drive or similar (SD Cards etc). I wouldn't leave any sensitive data on there, just common sense stuff really.
I'm guessing you are in the UK... be interesting to hear your experience of Acer when it's done. Don't be surprised if they reformat it, and reinstall the OS, they won't bother with passwords etc... tales I have heard... and that it's returned as if it were "out of the box". What model is it out of interest ?

  lynn_x 10:32 07 Jun 2009

Yes I'm in the UK. But will not be for very long more because I'll be going abroad mid July for studies, which is rather worrying seeing the reviews about how long they take to repair.

It is an Acer Aspire 5670 model. I don't dare send the laptop for cleaning in case it voids the warranty, which is still valid for another three months.

I have already backed up the data. Thanks for the advice crosstrainer.

I don't understand why they would reinstall the OS though, as it really is working fine. Wouldn't that be just a waste of time?

  crosstrainer 10:37 07 Jun 2009

I don't understand your worries.

Get it sorted now.. and when you are overseas it will be a good work horse for you. leaving the machine in it's present sate isn't going to help..

By the way, where are you off to?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:04 07 Jun 2009

fan is so loud that it seems like something got stuck in the laptop. It also overheats often to the point of shutting itself down.

Get a vacuum cleaner on the grills and see how much dirt is sucked out. that may stop the overheating problem but fan noise could be something else.

  dms_05 11:24 07 Jun 2009

Follow the instructions in the Acer Advanced Warranty booklet. Basically call Acer, they will issue you with a returns number and a contract number for the courier - by email. You then call the courier and arrange collection at a place/time suitable for you. You will receive another email when the laptop arrives at the repair centre and then another when it's handed to the courier for return to you. Turn round is fairly quick if it's a simple repair - I've called Acer on a Monday and had the repaired laptop back by Friday but allow 10-14 days. You paid Acer for the Warranty so use it!

  mooly 11:45 07 Jun 2009

Let us know how you get on anyway. It's just possible they may reinstall the OS, not a definite ! It's the standard response to all many of problems, not mechanical of course, but just be prepared that they might.
Overheating... possible software conflict etc etc... reinstall, no comebacks as far as Acer concerned is how they will view it.
So your experiences will be interesting !!!! I took the Acer Advantage scheme out on my laptop, it was under 50 squid at the time, which seemed very reasonable to me so keep us updated.

  crosstrainer 12:27 07 Jun 2009

I would normally bow.

If the machine is under Acer get it sorted by them?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 07 Jun 2009

Agree FAN noise is the main problem if the fan fais then the CPU could be fried very quickly.

As lynn_x has paid for a warranty then it should be up to Acer to repair the problem or replace the fan.

  lynn_x 15:39 08 Jun 2009

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I have tried the vacuuming but nothing comes out. I think it might be something else. I will be sending in my laptop soon.


I will keep you updated. Thanks for the heads up!


Wow they were quick in fixing your laptop. Hope the same will apply to me! Do you know if the packaging is provided by the Acer to the courier or do we have to package it ourselves?


My worries were mainly regarding the data and the length of time needed to fix it. Thanks for the advice. I'm actually doing a work and study programme in Asia.

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