Sendin JPEG by E Mail

  dp600 17:06 01 Sep 2004

I have a few pic files I want to send via e mail they are all approx 524KB which I think are to big.What is a good size and how do I convert them.I have win xp and photoshop 5.

Thank You

  Diodorus Siculus 17:11 01 Sep 2004

Use the photoshop "save for web" option or else get irfanview - save them at about 100kb each.

Rezize them physically first - eg about 8x5 inches and see what the file size becomes.

  jack 17:14 01 Sep 2004

The size is not too bad, but to get them smaller
simply go to 'image' and 'resize' anything 600x800 or less should not take too long to up/down load.
Dont forget to use the 'Save As' facility so as to maintain the originals

  Stuartli 17:27 01 Sep 2004

Or right click on each file and then Send To>Mail Recipient (more than one, highlight the ones you want to send first before right clicking).

This will reduce the size still further for each file.

If you have Irfanview or PixResizer, these will also do what you require in individual or batch form.

  dp600 17:54 01 Sep 2004

Thank you all

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