Send pictures via E-mail

  guesswho2 11:22 10 May 2007

On a friends computer, when he tries to send a photo from My Pictures, he no longer sees the little dialogue box which allows him to 'Make my pictures smaller'. He needs this option because he has only a dial-up connection. Can someone explain how to get this back?

  guesswho2 11:25 10 May 2007

Sorry, I should have said he uses Windows XP, SP2 and the latest Outlook Express.

  recap 11:30 10 May 2007

If your friend is sending the picture as an attachment it may be wise to edit the picture first. If they are sending it within the boady of the message, try right clicking the picture and select Edit Picture, from here you can re-size it.

  GroupFC 11:34 10 May 2007

see if this helps click here

  McD 11:36 10 May 2007

"Powertoys Picture Resirer" for Windows XP (free download from Microsoft), should do the trick.

  GroupFC 11:36 10 May 2007

see if this helps click here

  McD 11:38 10 May 2007

Should read "resizer"!!

  guesswho2 11:57 10 May 2007

Many thanks to GroupFC and McD. I've passed on your solutions.To recap, I've tried right-click and edit but I don't see how to make the photo smaller?

  recap 12:04 10 May 2007

Right click the picture select Edit Picture/Size.

  McD 12:05 10 May 2007

When Powertoys is installed right click automatically gives the option to resize to "handheld" "small" "Medium" "large" with screen size.

  oldbeefer2 12:07 10 May 2007

If you use Picassa (free download from Google), one of the options is to send an e-mail. The picture is automatically resized to a few kb.

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