Send pictures as attachments with IncrediMail+O/EX

  Sapins 10:55 05 Mar 2004

A friend has just e-mailed me with the following problem, could anyone help us out please?



"To give you an example we have been trying to send an e-mail to a friend that has two pictures attached. These are relatively small attachments - each picture being less than 400 KB. What happens is that when sending it goes smoothly until it reaches 52% then freezes and a window comes up saying the server has not responded. Each time it goes as far as 52% and no further. Just as an experiment, we tried sending by Outlook Express but no better. Any ideas - to us it is a complete mystery as we have sent pictures as attachments in the past and although slow, they have always gone. Outlook Express said SMTP Server has not responded in 60 seconds. IncrediMail merely freezes at the 52% point."

  johnnyrocker 11:08 05 Mar 2004

tools option connection and set time out limit to long.


  Sapins 11:22 05 Mar 2004

Hi johnnyrocker, thanks for replying, can't find where to set time out limit, is it in Explorer or IncrediMail and/or outlook express? My friend is using XP Home.

  Sapins 12:36 05 Mar 2004


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:38 05 Mar 2004

Y not send 2 emails with 1 pic on each might work


  Sapins 12:50 05 Mar 2004

I have found the time out setting, it is in Tools/Accounts/advanced, you can then drag the slider. I have asked my friend to try this and will post back if it works.
Hi  ÑÌÇKÑÂMË will hold off to see if the above works first, thanks for your input.



  Sapins 10:15 09 Mar 2004

I have received more details of this problem as follows.

"Our little saga with e-mails still goes on and a curious development has now occurred. Our experiment with Outlook Express has produced a funny twist! The e-mail with attachments that we tried to send, went, it appeared, 100% and at that point we felt we had cracked it but then a window came up which said 'OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your e-mail'. It then named the two attachments which had come straight out of the digital camera. This makes us wonder whether there has been something wrong with the attachments all along that has caused our problem. Also, another strange thing happened. From IncrediMail it went the full course and seemingly disappeared , ie it did not appear on sent items, but transferred itself to Outlook Express! However, an e-mail this morning from the recipient said he had received the two photos. When sent from Outlook Express it totally disappeared. We can't follow this one."

My friend has tried dragging the slider bar, to no effect. Should I advise him to re-install IncrediMail and /or Outlook Express?

Any other help will be greatly appreciated.



  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:11 09 Mar 2004

By default Outlook blocks attachments unless you tell it not to in tools/option/security i believe increadimail has a similar function in its options it may be that your default account the one u use to send emails is still set in OE
try running the account wizard in Increadimail and add it to that and then set that as your default email app.


  Sapins 12:57 09 Mar 2004

Can't find how to unblock attachments in OE.Which boxes do I tick/untick please.


  GroupFC 13:08 09 Mar 2004

In oe6 go to tools > Options > Security tab and uncheck the box "do not allow attachments etc." about a third of the way down the page>

  Bagsey 14:56 09 Mar 2004

What ISP is he using. I have had trouble sending largish attachments to my friends Hotmail address.I think that they have a limit on size.
When I break the file down into two, all is well.

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