send larger word documents via e-mail

  rosie12 19:12 05 Oct 2005

Hi, I have a word document which is 585kb...How can I make it a samller file so that I can send it quickly via e-mail, I only have a dial up connection and it's taken ages to send. All it is, is 2 pages long with Text and Screen shots, I tried to bring it up in photoshop, as this is where I make my photo files smaller for e-mailing but it wouldn't open. I suppose it is because it is a word document it doesn't work the same way.I have xp home,..Thanks in advance

  VoG II 19:15 05 Oct 2005

Winzip click here

Or right click, Send To|Compressed (zipped) folder

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 05 Oct 2005

You need o put it in a zip file,
This will compress the document and make it smaller then who ever you send it to can unzip it to get at the original document.

7-zip (920K) click here Best Compression Available

  bruno 19:16 05 Oct 2005

Can you not use Winzip to compress the file.I am surprised to hear it takes such a long time,only being 585kb,even on dial up.

  bruno 19:17 05 Oct 2005

Late again.

  rosie12 19:17 05 Oct 2005

Hi, I tried winzip but it's still 480KB, I am obviously doing something wrong?

  rosie12 19:24 05 Oct 2005

Hi, I have just right clicked and pressed send to compressed zipper, So where do I find the compressed zipper folder now?....Jesus this is confusing...Bruno, I didn't think that it should take this long either, I am using Yahoo as my e-mail client, would this make a differance?...It take 20 minuets or more, and I will be having to send this file out at least 20 times next week....

  johnnyrocker 19:28 05 Oct 2005

save the doc somewhere an then click here and upload it to there, they will mail the recipient to collect it from their site or else maybe file transfer using one of the messenger services.


  johnnyrocker 19:30 05 Oct 2005

if you have to send it 20 times then my idea will be best as you upload once then advise of the multiple mail addresses.


  Alan2 20:24 05 Oct 2005


That's a really useful link - thanks.

  Chegs ® 21:19 05 Oct 2005

click here This was sprung on me recently,you upload a file,then email the recipients the URL,they pop along and collect.

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