Send Fax via NTL cable modem

  Pesala 17:47 25 Jan 2003

In WordPerfect, I have an option on the file menu to send a fax.

Which printer driver do I need to install to send faxes from WordPerfect or other applications to a fax machine?

Is this even possible?

  howard60 21:20 25 Jan 2003

with one of the companies that will send a fax for you when you e-mail them and forward a fax to you as an e-mail when received.

  Wak 21:44 25 Jan 2003

I use the Delrina Winfax Lite which is a free program but you need an ordinary modem and a normal phone line (not Broadband). You can send faxes but you can't receive unless you leave your comp on all the time.

  BRYNIT 23:13 25 Jan 2003

you can not sent a fax through Broad band. requires phone line modem to dial the phone number.

  Pesala 07:41 26 Jan 2003

I wonder how many questions posted here could be answered with a Google Search. A search for Fax Services came up with the following link, among many others.

click here

Looks like it should certainly be possible to receive faxes for free via email (10p / minute for the sender).

Sending faxes also seems to be free, but not to all locations. Try this link:

click here

I suppose that take up is not high yet for some reason, as I would have been inundated with responses otherwise. My interest is casual, as I only occassionally need to send a fax.

  Derek 08:23 26 Jan 2003

Buy a second-hand fax machine, it's much easier but be mindfull of the availability of paper rolls and costs.

  Pesala 09:49 26 Jan 2003

My post about a Google search for Fax Services disappeared, and Derek's reponse suggesting a second-hand fax machine also disappeared.

A Google Search for Fax Services seems to indicate that it is possible to send and receive free faxes via the internet, even with broadband cable modems. If so, I wonder why take up is not almost universal.

Buying a second-hand fax machine is not the way to go. I wouldn't have one even if someone paid me £20 to take it off their hands. I have enough clutter on my desk already, and the phone line is always in use for voice calls. No chance of a dedicated fax line. However, it might be handy to have a fax number for people who don't have easy access to email, and to send faxes to such people or business too. I doubt if I would send more than one fax a month so it has to be a free service.

  Wak 11:37 26 Jan 2003

Considering that you have already been to Google and got all the answers yourself it makes me wonder why you bothered asking the question in the first place.
It also suggests that the four people who were kind enough to try and help you with a problem were wasting their time, which would have been better spent helping someone else.

  Pesala 13:35 26 Jan 2003

First, I didn't think of it at the time, but posted after reading a similar query, which got me thinking.

Second, sometimes an Internet Search throws up so many options that it is hard to pick the right one.

Third, there is no substitute for personal experience. Others with a pressing need to send and receive faxes may have tried all kinds of methods, and weeded out the non-starters, and the also-rans.

Fourth, by asking a question on this forum many others who never even thought of the question will find out new ways of doing things.

As the responses show. Two people thought it was impossible, one offered an alternative approach, and one - Howard60 - pointed me in the right direction. So I did a Google search, and came up with a couple of promising links, but I am still not sure which one I should follow.

  Qmar 14:25 26 Jan 2003

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