SnowWhite_x 18:46 05 Oct 2007

I've recently allowed my daughter to have windows live messenger on her account on our win xp computer, but it doesn't seem to be blocking ads etc.(the usual 'you have won a laptop! blah blah blah rubbish) the way it does on my account. Any ideas?

  brundle 22:21 05 Oct 2007

Have you paid for a license? It only filters for 30 days otherwise anyway. I never see the ads you describe on this machine, though I see them pop up on other computers.

Use Firefox rather than IE click here
Install and update Spywareblaster and Spybot click here

Install a rubbish-blocking HOSTS file click here

  tullie 07:21 06 Oct 2007

Dont undersand the "have you paid for a license "bit?
Messenger is free.

  birdface 09:20 06 Oct 2007

Unfortunately when you let kids on to messenger.The first thing they do is download messenger plus.Try Add Remove and see if Messenger Plus is on there.

  birdface 09:53 06 Oct 2007

I think Brundle was referring to the Paid for version Of here Mind you I use the free version and get no adds etc on mine.

  brundle 10:16 06 Oct 2007

Yes, as buteman said - I was referring to Kerio

  SnowWhite_x 18:52 06 Oct 2007

I have the paid for version of kerio and after checking add & remove we definitely only have windows live messenger. I've now downloaded the latest version of kerio but still have rubbish invading my daughters messenger on her account. She can sign in my account and everything's fine.

  brundle 23:31 06 Oct 2007

Is the other account Limited? Does the firewall appear to be doing its job on that account in other respects?

  birdface 17:52 07 Oct 2007

Have you ran your Anti-virus and Spyware programs on your daughters account.

  SnowWhite_x 19:39 07 Oct 2007

Thanks for all your help. After updating to newer version of Kerio I needed to re boot for it to take affect!

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