Senao SL2611CB3+DX strange gateway problem.

  manabc3000 03:08 25 Jun 2006


I am using the following configuration.

(Internet connectivity) - and - (def gateways: and


SL2611CB3+DX (Client Mode)


Micronet 1 watt modem (AP Mode)



Now my problem is that when I give any default gateway( or or or anything) to the senao bridge , the internet with series works fine. But it starts trouble in series. The gateway can be pinged on the clients but the internet doesn't work as in tracert the clients are not routed to But if I change the default gateway of senao to , it works fine but now the problem starts appearing in network. again (gateway) can be pinged but not able to browse the net. Please note that network works fine with any default gateway in senao except and network works fine only with as a default gateway in the bridge. Please advise me what to do at earliest. Regards and thanks in advance.

  mgmcc 08:39 25 Jun 2006

What Subnet Mask are you using throughout the network? For your different subnets to communicate, it should probably be

  manabc3000 02:34 26 Jun 2006

Thanks for reply. Where do u suggest putting subnet ? in client ? I have tested it but it is not working. Please help if having any other clue.

  mgmcc 08:45 26 Jun 2006

Every device in your network that has an IP address will also have a Subnet Mask, whose purpose is to "mask" different subnets so they are kept separate from one another.

With 10.x.x.x networks, the Subnet Mask of is normally used to allow all devices in the network to communicate. Now I don't know why you have two different subnets configured in your network, and whether they need to be kept separate, but unless they both have access to the Default Gateway address, only the one in the same subnet as the router will have internet access.

Try setting the router's Subnet Mask to (if it will let you) and see if that allows the whole network access it.

  manabc3000 04:05 28 Jun 2006

Thanks again for reply.
Basically I have to use to subnets because I have connectivity of two isps. Therefore both subnets have different gateways. But the problen is that in one case , there is no effect of gateway in access point, while it stops working only on one gateway setting i.e . While the other case (I mean ISP), the whole thing works only with gateway setting The problem is severe. No effect of setting up as subnet. While the thing to be noted is that in everycase , i am able to ping both the gateways. Only internet surfing gives problem.
Plz help.

  mgmcc 08:08 28 Jun 2006

Sorry, you've totally lost me. Perhaps someone else can follow what you are trying to do and step in to help.

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