Is a Sempron 2800 suitable for Photo editing?

  Tycho 22:39 02 Sep 2005

I was told at work today that this computer click here would not be good for photo editing. I want to use it for that, web surfing and office applications. What do people think?


  woodchip 22:43 02 Sep 2005

Simple answer YES

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:57 02 Sep 2005

I used to use an 350Mhz Intel 2 and photoshop 7 for doing serious editing of photos. 'Nuff said........


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:57 02 Sep 2005

ps...the person 'at work' that you spoke to ha not got a clue. Keep on here for proper advice.


  DieSse 23:48 02 Sep 2005

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> - 'tis only a few short years ago we used to do theses things with a mere fraction of the power. A bit slower perhaps, but useable.

You'll have no problems.

  Stuartli 23:55 02 Sep 2005

For most of the past nine years I've used a P100, Cyrix 166Mhz, Pentium233, Celeron 400 and a Pentium 550 (now employing a Socket 370 PentiumIII 1GB) and speed or capability has never been a problem....:-)

  woodchip 23:59 02 Sep 2005

And I used to use a P60 for the above way back in 1995

  €dstowe 06:35 03 Sep 2005

Did this person mean video editing rather than photo editing? Or was it one of these daft people that think only Mac computers are any good for graphics?

Even so, your computer would be OK for both.

Ignore the person who told you this rubbish. The most important thing you need for photographic work is a good printer.

  Tycho 08:30 03 Sep 2005

Dear All

I love the responses. Thanks again for all the useful advice. At the moment I am using PII 400MHz and PSP 8. It's OK so I will go ahead with the purchase as soon as I can establish how I resinstall the OS (Subject of another enquiry some time ago).

The person who put the doubt in my mind was a quite senior computer technician at our school. Very definitely an MS man rather than Mac. I wonder where he got his ideas from.

All the best to all.

It's good to be back


  €dstowe 08:37 03 Sep 2005

Ask this person why he considers this machine unsuitable - I would be interested to know.

  MIke 09:51 03 Sep 2005

I'm using an AMD 1400 PC with Photoshop Elements 2 as my Photo manipulation software, I've even downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CS2, which was OK though obviously a little slower on my machine than Elements, but still very useable.

So I see no reason why the PC you are thinking of buying should not be OK. I would however consider upgrading the memory to at least 512MB. The only other thing I can see that he might think is lacking is the hard drive being only 40 GB. If you bstore photos on your hard drive it will fill up quite quickly. For the price it looks pretty good.

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