Sempron 2600

  Paula Michelle 11:27 09 May 2005

Following my recent mobo failure, and a hard disk failure on by boyfriend's PC which I had borrowed to enable me to get on the net to buy another mobo, I was forced to go into a friend's house and use their PC where I was rushed into getting an emergency set-up. I have never had a week like it.

I ended up with a Sempron 2600 on a Foxconn mobo with 256 RAM and an FX5500 graphics card from Novatech. I've got a further 256 RAM arriving today after realising that the Windows XP Professional edition that my boyfriend has installed on the system probably needs the extra RAM.
I also bought a DVD ROM and a CD writer and a Diamond Max 80GB SATA HDD. So I have a PC connected to the internet, but it seems a little sluggish at times.

This PC was bought in a hurry, to enable me to access the Internet, and it's mobo bundle will probably end up in my boyfriends house. What I would like to know is this: how does my set up compare in real life terms to a system running on an Asus A8V Deluxe Socket 939 with Athlon 64 3200 (Winchester) with 1GB RAM and a mid-high range card such as GeForce 6600? Which is what I was originally looking out for before my old system died.

I would be very interested in reading anything anyone has to say who has experienced both systems or similar systems and is able to make useful comparisons.

In fact I would welcome any comments about what system I should go for, assuming that we build it into the existing case.

Thanks in advance.....Paula.

  gudgulf 12:11 09 May 2005

click here is as good a starting point as any.Have a good browse through the Tom's Guides section and you will find comparative reviews for loads of cpu's and graphics cards etc.

  garrema 13:03 09 May 2005

Your question being in Paragraph 3.
Your current setup now and your desired set up will be fine for WP, internet browsing & the like.
The sempron will struggle compared to the Athlon
click here
Your graphics card will limit your 3d performance and combined with a sempron will struggle with recent games.
For your new system you may do well to find a 6800Le or 6800Nu since they do about the same as a 6600gt but don't rev quite so hard. don't discard the ATI range either.

  Paula Michelle 13:23 09 May 2005

Talking about noise........that is the reason for the very long delay in hanging on to my old system. I am petrified of the thought a very noisy PC in this quiet little flat. I would like to have the ability to play games that I might buy but I am looking for something that will not sound like an industrial milling operation. There is probably some "sweet spot" compromise out there but I have no experience and my other half "does not do games" so he's happy with half a dozen PCs all with very, very old processors. I need a good, fast system that will handle full screen dvd playback, flight sims, and yes I wouldn't mind playing games if they are not too demanding on my reactions. (After half an hour with Age of Empires I can't pick up a cup of tea my right wrist is so painful).

I wish I had some idea about the enormous selection of graphics really isn't easy especially when noise is a factor.

  garrema 21:21 09 May 2005

By revs I meant that a 6600GT is running at full tilt in that the memory is very high frequency and the power consumption is relatively high. For the same perfomance a 6800 will lumber on with twice the memory bandwidth. I have no exp of a 6600GT noise but my 6800 is near silent even at load.
One of the main noise gernerators is the CPU cooler particularly with the higher P4s - perhaps AMD then. After that is the PSU and Case fan. With both you can pay a few quid more and find very quiet ones.

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