Selling Second User Pc - How much???

  Monitor Master 19:03 17 Apr 2003


I have decided that after building myself a new pc that I am going to try and sell my old one.

The PC is:

Celeron 766 MHz
64mb Ram
30gig IBM 7,200 Hard drive
On board Sound
Basic Graphics Card
Basic Speakers
17" Monitor

PLEASE NOTE I am not trying the sell the pc through this help room. I would much rather sell it to someone local who can see the working pc.

I am just trying to get some opinions on how much people think i should get for the PC.

Thanks in advance


  CPU Temperature Too High 19:13 17 Apr 2003

£250 - £300

  Monitor Master 19:15 17 Apr 2003

Really maybe £300 what is this based on or is it based on experiance?

Thanks Michael

  Monitor Master 19:38 17 Apr 2003

does anyone else have an opinion?

  Tim1964 19:46 17 Apr 2003

Loot or Micromart or Exchange and Mart etc to see what the others are going for..

  clayton 20:42 17 Apr 2003

I think more in the region of £200, have you checked out Ebay to see how much they are selling for ? check loot as Tim says too.

  MAJ 20:50 17 Apr 2003

With the 17" monitor and a decent drive, about £250. With the IBM drive and the 17" monitor, about £200.

  Monitor Master 21:32 17 Apr 2003

After looking at Look and clayton & MAJ's help i think about £250 - £200. I therefore think i will try it at £225 in my local paper.

Thanks for the help


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