Selling PC, Please Help!

  Zaushakula 14:57 22 Mar 2006

Hello there, after talking to a friend on these forums, I decided to buy a new machine to handle what I do with my time.

However, now at the point of selling my PC, I have no idea how much it is worth, and how much to sell it for on eBay.

I hope you guys can help me with a suggested price with my specs as follows:

AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.53GHz Processor.
Gigabyte Technologies GA7DXR Motherboard.
20 Gigabyte Hard Drive
Philips DVD8421 DVD-RW Drive
Pioneer DVR DVD-Rom Drive
Floppy Drive
Realtek NIC Ethernet Card
4x USB Ports
1x Firewire Port
5x PCI Slots
1x AGP Slot
4x IDE Slots

Anything else you need to know?

  ACOLYTE 15:04 22 Mar 2006

Hmm,depending on what monitor/OS you have with it,i would say 200/250£ if its a decent monitor and running XP then maybe 300£.

What i would do and this is just me is take out the dvd-rom and keep it,the dvd/rw drive will play movies so you dont really need to sell that as well,and it shouldnt make that much difference to the price.

  Zaushakula 15:08 22 Mar 2006

I would not be selling the monitor, but it comes with a registered edition of either XP Home or XP Pro, depending on the buyers choice. Also, (Unsure if I am allowed to do this, so please let me know)

If there is anyone on these forums interested in buying said machine, let me know!

  Zaushakula 15:23 22 Mar 2006

Also, if anyone else has a price evaluation, so I have confirmation, please reply!

  rmcqua 15:29 22 Mar 2006

No doubt I will be grumbled at again by some members for trying to uphold the forum rules but here goes:
Zaushakula, sorry, but you shouldn't be using this forum a sales place. It's for people needing help with their computer problems.

  Zaushakula 15:32 22 Mar 2006

I did put in brackets that i didnt know if it was allowed, its ok, I understand the rules.

This post is just for the purpose of asking people in the know how much I could easily get for my machine!

  ezypcy 15:44 22 Mar 2006

£125-£150 really.
People may comment on the 20Gb hard drive being a bit small.Leave the burner in.And advertise in the local paper.Forget screen as you can pick these up for £5-10;nobody wants them anymore.
But go for £185.Good luck.

ps £40/50 at boot sales and normally it only needs a new PSU!......LOL

  Zaushakula 15:49 22 Mar 2006

I have other HDD's, but unsure what to sell, I am using a 120 Gig, so unsure if i wanna sell that one.

  Taw® 16:27 22 Mar 2006

Zaushakula as with rmcqua I dont believe you should be advertising" items for sale on the forum. I know your stating this is a request for info on price, but even your last post

"I have other HDD's, but unsure what to sell, I am using a 120 Gig, so unsure if i wanna sell that one." sounds like a sales pitch. My concern is that some unsuspecting forum user offers to purchase your machine who would have no come back if there was a problem and would ultimately blame the forum. There are numerous places on the net or in the local paper to assess the value of your product. Ultimately it is worth whatever a person wants to pay.

PS I a not trying to do the FE out of a job, just voicing a concern on my interpretation of the post. So apologies in advance if anyone believes I have over stepped forum protocol.

  ACOLYTE 16:55 22 Mar 2006

Hope peoples comments dont put you off returning)

and good luck with selling the PC.

  SG Atlantis® 17:12 22 Mar 2006

These threads come up often, and you always get a few preachers.

It is a request for information and I don't see any of this as a sales pitch.

btw £100 approx, if you got £150 you would be doing well, put a bigger hdd in. 20Gb would put me, or anyone I know, off!!

Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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