Selling PC Need opinion on price..

  Dacen 06:22 01 May 2009

this is the basics of what i got, not including programs on the pc itself...

E6850 Intel CPU Dual Core 3ghz
Antec 900 case
2x 300 gb Sata 2 hard drives
55gb removeable HDD for storing and moving files
2gb ocz memory 800mhz
Asus P5KC motherboard ddr2/3 (takes the new DDR3 memory as well as ddr2) 2xpci-e 16
asus 8800gtx card 768 mb (NVIDIA)
22 inch TFT monitor
creative Labs x-fi gamers card
Agiea Physx card (great for Gaming)
650watt PSU
Saikek Gamers Keyboard
Windows XP Pro service pack 3, although i do have the windows vista disk.

  johndrew 09:59 01 May 2009

A frequently asked question which has answers (all much the same) all over these forums. Basically the answer is, "not a lot".

click here
click here
click here

A search under "selling pc" will give you these and more.

  Dacen 10:07 01 May 2009

well ive had it less than a year and i cost me £1000 to put it all together, should of been about £1300 but went through my mates business to get cheaper prices on parts. so im just wondering what a resonable price to sell it would be.

  keef66 12:30 01 May 2009

That's still a decent spec, you might find somebody looking for a cheap gaming pc, but don't expect to get more than £500.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:58 01 May 2009

You could try selling it as an 'upgradable PC' e.g. for the new owner to put in a quad core processor and or new DDR3 RAM at their leisure. Reckon £450 - £550 is about right, depending on exactly what monitor you have.

  johndrew 13:59 01 May 2009

Regardless of what you think it may be worth, it is second hand, there is no warranty, You may have made a good job of building it but the buyer is still taking a risk.

In common with many things, it may well be worth more to you than to anyone else. Go to your local PC builder/repairer (not the likes of PC World) and ask there. Whatever is suggested is likely to be a few % down on what you may be lucky to get in a private sale. My guess would be an offer of around £250 with a possible private sale price of £300.

  User-1229748 16:02 01 May 2009

the trouble is they lose their resale value so quickly and as was said above it may be worth more to you.

  Pineman100 18:19 01 May 2009

Probably sounds a stupid comment, but a PC like that is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.

Possibly the best way to find out how much that is would be to use an auction site, like you-know-who.

  ronalddonald 22:31 01 May 2009

income tax no vat no mot no gurantee oh how does that song go on fools an dhorses. Anyway the just of it is you cant give a gurantee on the goods for about a year. You could try seeling it to a student at some university around £100 or less. They may need one for research and typing up their essays etc.

  Why wont it work 00:02 02 May 2009

You might get more for it if you broke it up for parts- I have done this a few times. The processor is still worth quite a bit, so is the 8800GTX. You should also be able to get a reasonable price for the monitor too- I'd imagine you could get £50-100 for each of those items on a certain auction site. You could also try selling the motherboard with the operating system (because the OS will be locked to that exact motherboard).

I think the individual parts are worth more because people who are looking at them are more likely to appreciate what they are and what they are worth, whereas it can difficult to judge with a whole system. You could always test the water on ebay I suppose, by running an auction but with a high reserve, just to see what people are willing to pay.

  Dacen 07:14 02 May 2009

it should have cost me £1300 to build. i did it for £1000, theres no way in hell i plan on getting less than £200 for it, expecially since ive had it less than a year lol, and i dont trust ebay so im trying to find an alternative other than ebay. and going on the answeer to ask pc builders for quotes. ive been to 8 pc repaireres/ custom pc builders around tamworth, birmingham and sutton (west mids) and all have said to ask about £600 no less for it if i do sell it :s

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