Selling my Custom PC (maybe..)

  Neesy998 23:19 26 May 2015

Looking about selling my build. Specs are as follows:

Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit OS (genuine) M5 A99FX PRO 2.0 MOBO AMD Piledriver 4.0GHz 8 core CPU (OC'd to 4.4GHz) w/ Arctic A30 CPU cooler Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 1GB GPU (the weak link, was a 770 but bills happened) 8GB DDR3 Corsair RAM Fractal R5 case (matt black finish) LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter disc drive (Model no: GH22LS30)*

Potentially this can come with a logitech 5.1 surround sound system and an acer 24'' 1080p monitor (with 4ms refresh rate)

Now personally, I think this all could sell for around 800-900GBP, but the GPU obviously tarnishes the image, and people are adverse to AMD (even if I didn't skip the super necessary cooling upgrade).

Any other info that could be useful I can add upon request. I haven't came across a game it can't run yet, and I've recently tried The Witcher 3. Apart from the fact they released a dodgy driver for the 600 and 700 series it runs fine.

*currently not installed because disc drives are obsolete, but could be added in if someone wanted it.

  wee eddie 23:39 26 May 2015

The general consensus is that such a machine is more likely to sell, broken down, as parts.

I have no idea what you paid for it but I do know that one can buy an equivalent model for a couple of hundred, or so, more than you're asking, and one which is new and has a copper bottomed warranty.

  Neesy998 00:39 27 May 2015

wee eddie I'd like to see how you worked that out, seeing as the case itself sells for 100 retail, the cooling for around 40 retail, the sound system for around 60, and the monitor for 100 on sale. The extras itself come up to your estimate, nevermind the processor, the OS (which is legit and worth around 40. Total that comes to 340, before the actual PC comes in. Even if the build itself was worth only about 300, it'd be worth at least 600 total. Honestly, it feels like you just gave the umbrella answer here.

  Neesy998 00:43 27 May 2015

Sorry for double post/ I'm new here and unsure about how to edit posts, but I wanted to say everything in the build is less than a year and a half old. The case is only a month old, as is the cooler. In regards to warranty, the second you start tinkering with a computer it is null and void anyway, anyone looking for a custom level computer isn't going to be able to maintain any warranty they get. It's a complete non point.

  hastelloy 08:10 27 May 2015


" In regards to warranty, the second you start tinkering with a computer it is null and void anyway, anyone looking for a custom level computer isn't going to be able to maintain any warranty they get."

This is not true. I have bought many custom built PCs and, having checked with the suppler, added to it without affecting the warranty.

You asked a question and got an honest opinion in response. You may get some different opinions in time but, from experience on here, I suspect not vastly different.

  Ian in Northampton 08:44 27 May 2015

I spend a lot of time looking at PCs on eBay - I'm always looking for a bargain (which is why I now have way too many PCs). As such, I'd say your original estimate was about 2x - possibly more - than what you could expect to get for it. Given that it's second user and given that it comes with no warranty, and if it excluded the monitor etc., I wouldn't be tempted by it a price of over £300. That said: it seems you only have to call something a 'gaming PC' on eBay, and people will flock to it and, IMHO, pay over the odds for something not very special. So: you might get lucky - but I'd be very surprised if it made more than £450.

Put it like this: a couple of years back, I bought for my son a system with a similar configuration to yours (not such a good processor, but a 660 graphics card - and no-name PSU, memory and case) for £400, brand new with a 2-year warranty from a major eBay seller.

  Neesy998 16:14 27 May 2015

Well then in that case, since I bought the barebones from Novatech and built upon that, I guess mines does have warranty for another year. So once again, its a moot point.

Ian, you can't say comparable build and then not as good a processor. I assume by comparable you mean it was an AMD 6300, which costs considerably less and performane wise is much worse than the Piledriver. This thing might be "second hand" but the truth is its been built as well as any store could, in fact probably better since I took my sweet time. The fact that a self proclaimed bargain hunter would knock it in around the 300 mark screams to me it's worth a fair bit more. Also, the 660 was pretty cheap a couple years ago too, it hasn't really dropped in price, from about 100 to around 40. Like I said in the OP, the GPU is the weakest aspect. This thing runs fluently at 30db with the fans up full, running prime95 with an OC'd cpu. It peaks out at 45 degrees celsius.

click here would say my PC is better than this, given the case (if you aren't familiar with the r5, seriously, get one. It's the best case i've ever had out of 20+ over the years, the cooling and the OC'ing done to it, and it's tested and consistent stability. So I'd like to know where this 300+ gap is coming from in everyones numbers. I'd like to point out the painfully obvious fact that nobody has showed any kind of working out, merely plucked numbers from thin air.


  Ian in Northampton 17:17 27 May 2015

Neesy998: if you came to the Forum looking for validation and confirming that you're absolutely right - you may be in the wrong place. When it comes to price, it's got nothing to do with maths (hence the lack of working out...) and everything to do with opinion and experience. Judging by your reaction, I don't think anyone here will convince you that you're over-valuing it. Yes, you can rubbish the configuration I bought for my son - fair enough - but it was also half the price you think yours is worth. Re your eBay example: you're somewhat missing the point. Your PC may be better than that (although the eBay one has a better graphics card and 2x the memory). It counts for a lot in a potential buyer's eyes (IMHO) a) that it's new, b) that it's been professionally built by a company with 1,000+ positive feedback, and c) that it comes with a warranty. (And, despite what you say, that's neither a non point nor a moot point). I'm sure I speak for all of us regular forummers when I say we'd be delighted for you to go ahead, stick it on eBay, get £800+ for it - and prove us wrong.

  Neesy998 18:35 27 May 2015

Cheers for the reply Ian. I think my tone might have come across a bit scathing, it was unintentional, and i apologize for that. In regards to the actual price of the pc i linked, you should note that it does not come with peripheral devices, a sound system, an SSD, or a monitor. I'm offering a complete, one time set up package. I think that ought to be worth some.

I actually have a reasonably well respected ebay page so I don't think reputation will be an issue, although I understand the sentiment. In terms of the memory, i can easily get another 8gb for next to nothing, although really it is overkill, which is why I never bothered. Easily rectified if you guys think that might help the value though. I actually have a few spare hard drives i could stick in too (the case is capable of taking a grand total of 2 hidden SSDs and 6 HDDs).

Maybe if I reword it as selling the PC for 500 and the rest for the other 300 effectively. I'd accept 700 probably but I really think its up in that region in value.

Something I've noted is that you haven't considered the mobo much, it's a great mobo and allows for alot more addition to the build if the person wants some upgradability (that's a word now lol).

Honestly the reason I'm questioning you guys further is because I really want to get the whole picture, and would like to not have to ask again in this fashion. I wouldn't be continuing if I didn't value your opinions, I'm just being hypercritical for the sake of completeness.

  Ian in Northampton 19:34 27 May 2015

Neesy998: nice response. Yep, a complete package is worth more, for sure. You didn’t mention the SSD in your original post, and that makes a difference. Logitech make decent sound systems (I prefer Creative myself, but there you go) and a 4ms 1080p monitor isn’t to be sniffed at. Personally, if I were putting them on eBay, I’d split them up and link to your other items. Selling it as a complete package is likely to deter anyone (like me) who already has a decent monitor, speakers and so on), and limit your available buyers. Or you could list it as the base unit only, and then ‘advertise’ the complete package in your description. (That can get a bit tricky with eBay/PayPal, but it’s do-able.) I agree that 16GB is overkill for most apps, and I don’t think 16GB will increase its appeal: anyone who knows what they’re doing won’t be impressed by it. (Note that there’s also a school of thought that says 8 cores is overkill, especially when many games don’t support multi-core, but we won’t go there.) And, as you acknowledge, your system is somewhat unbalanced because that processor can deliver far more than a 1GB GT650 can chew up.

Yep, if you’ve got good feedback, especially for PC-related stuff, that’s helpful. It’s something I always check. You obviously know as well as I do how eBay works. In your position, I’d be thinking of starting it at, say, £400 and crossing my fingers. I’ve never been a big fan of reserves – they tend to deter initial bidders, and also end up with too many sales fall through because people just keep putting in numbers to find out what the reserve is. But: you could start it at £400, with a £500 reserve.

Re the motherboard: again, it depends on your target audience. Too many people overlook the quality, functionality and upgradability of a motherboard. I’d tend not to set too much store by its value, but try and talk it up in the description. Anyone who knows mobos will know you have a decent one – and you can ‘sell’ anyone who doesn’t know about them.

But, at the end of the day, as I said earlier: setting a price isn’t a matter of logic or maths. Just because I paid £500 for parts and spent 30 hours building it at, say, a nominal rate of £10/hour, doesn’t make my PC worth £800. It’s an old truism, but something’s only worth what someone’s prepared to pay for it. And, yes, it is all about opinions. I’ve expressed mine at length (because I’m fundamentally opinionated…  ) but others would certainly differ. Mine is just one voice. I wouldn’t pay £800 for the lot, and I’m not sure I’d pay more than £350 – perhaps £400 (now I know it has an SSD) – for the base unit. Others probably will.

  bumpkin 20:04 27 May 2015

Great spec but used, value £500

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