selling mp3 songs

  parvo 16:39 14 Apr 2006


I would like to know how to sell my songs on my wesite as mp3?

I want people to listen to them but if they want to keep them they have to pay.

can anyone walk me through the process?

even from a tech point of view


  ACOLYTE 16:50 14 Apr 2006

Well i would only put a sample on the web,if you put the whole song and people dload it for free they dont have any reason to pay.If you just put a sample and they like it they can buy the whole thing,as to how to set that up im not sure, you would need a hosting site of some sort i would have thought,and a way for the people to pay for the songs.

  pj123 17:07 14 Apr 2006

Are they any good? What sort of songs are they?
Rock, Blues, Pop, Classical etc.

Would people want to buy them?

Can you not upload a sample to your free webspace that your ISP should provide? If so, give it a try and let us know the URL so we can assess it.

You could also try negotiating with Tesco who sell millions of tracks online. They might be able to help.

  Minkey1 19:07 14 Apr 2006

I have a little job converting audiobooks to mp3 files for a download site. The hosting service is local so I usually take a portable drive down every few weeks and upload new content direct to the server. Just occasionally I have uploaded new titles to the site using FTP across my home ADSL connection, but know nothing about the process involved - I'm just given a logon to start the FTP process, and someone else goes on and allocates the files to the correct title/publisher.

What I do know is that on a normal ADSL line(256 upload) it takes an absolute age to FTP them across - hours per CD.

If your ISP gives you webspace you could upload your music but I'm afraid I can't advise on the techie bits - I'm just saying it can be done. Whether your ISP would permit commercial activity within free webspace I don't know, but "renting" a domain from a commercial firm is not expensive.

If you've a PayPal account is their a way pymt could be made to you via that ? It would avoid setting up and paying for a credit card transaction service ?

You might be better speaking to your ISP to kick off and explain what you're wanting to do, and take it from there.

Good luck with your venture.

  Totally-braindead 20:03 14 Apr 2006

Perhaps the people in the Webdesign Forum might be of more help to you parvo. Personally I haven't a clue about this sort of thing and wouldn't know where to stsrt.

  SG Atlantis® 20:19 14 Apr 2006

Acolyte has the easiest idea, samples. Set up a paypal account and let them send you payment and then send them the full track mp3 via email, or even post on a cd.

  dogbreath1 21:29 14 Apr 2006

Sign up to MySpace click here. Get yourself a nice profile page (masses of help on site). Install sample .mp3's so that people visiting your home page will be greeted by your opening song. Use the site to develop friends and a network. Get your music known. Subscribe to an excellent music forum like click here and get better known still! Ask for your music to be reviewed at Music-Discussion. It's a long hard process...but bottom line is get better known. As stated above, set up a PayPal account and forward .mp3s by various methods such as click here or click here.

  dogbreath1 21:32 14 Apr 2006

If you've any problems with any of the above, PM me and I'll help in any way I can.

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