Selling a laptop - ensuring HDD is clean

  Uptheblades 20:28 04 Mar 2007

I am selling a laptop on behalf of my brother.
It is approx 1.1/2 years old and is in fairly good condition.

It was bought as new (Windows XP SP2).

I would like to sell it as is with the O/S still loaded.

How can I safely get rid of all traces of my brother's identity (e.g. passwords).
There is nothing dodgy on the laptop.

I have deleted all his documents and I have deleted his user profile from the laptop.

I have also run a defrag on the disk.

I am just a bit concerened that there may be traces of passwords to his internet email accounts etc.

Is there a good way to remove all traces of personal data?


  howard64 20:48 04 Mar 2007

there are several wipe clean progs available which can security/government level clean folders. I believe one such prog was on a pcadvisor cover disk a couple of months back. There is also a free little prog called findcreditcard which found and removed my credit card no. from a pc I would have sworn did not contain it.

  Technotiger 21:02 04 Mar 2007

click here

This is what howard64 is talking about - I use it too.

  Technotiger 21:03 04 Mar 2007

ps - not just for Credit card, it also finds any hidden passwords.

  Uptheblades 21:26 04 Mar 2007

Thanks for the replies - I'll give this a go.

  interzone55 21:34 04 Mar 2007

A very good, free disk eraser tool, securly overwrites all unused space on your disk.
click here

And you could use CCleaner to remove program data like cookies etc click here

  Les 22:32 04 Mar 2007

I've just downloaded this file and, like you, howard64 I would have sworn my credit card number was not on the computer - but I was wrong! I have never saved it deliberately, but use it on the Internet - clearly typing it in records it somewhere - but where? Best thing to do is to run this little program after every transaction on the 'net. I only hope that this program doesn't report it's results back to base - but I had no reaction from the firewall, so I guess not.

Thanks for the link.

  Stuartli 22:36 04 Mar 2007

Updated free version of this just released:

click here

  Quiet Life 23:55 04 Mar 2007

Find My Credit Card. On running this utility I got the message not compatable with IE7

  birdface 09:06 05 Mar 2007

Just to be in the safe side,Check that download with your Anti-Virus,McAfee gives the site a red mark,Does not mean its a bad site,But someone has reported it as one,Better safe than sorry.

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