Sell XP CD

  Terry Brown 21:42 20 Jul 2009

I will soon be buying a windows 7 CD, and doing a clean install..

What I want to know is :

As I will no longer be using xp , can I sell the CD.

  OTT_Buzzard 21:48 20 Jul 2009


Basically no.

The CD isn't worth anything anyway. It's the keycode that counts and that isn't transferrable.

  GaT7 22:00 20 Jul 2009

If it's an OEM version, you will be able to sell it along with the hardware it's installed on.

You're also permitted to sell it on, on its own if it's the retail version.

However, you'll need to include the original COA license / sticker in either of the above. I.e. not one scribbled on a piece of paper. G

  Terry Brown 10:25 21 Jul 2009

This was a full retail version, I purchased from PCWorld, and I have the original case with the licence on it.

  Kevscar1 10:35 21 Jul 2009

Yes if you are no longer using the OS you are legally entitled to sell it.

  bluto1 20:51 21 Jul 2009

Don't be too quick to sell it. As happens so frequently, people become a little disillusioned with the 'new' and return to the 'old'.
I know that '7' has had some good reports and it appears to be the more natural follower of XP, all I'm saying is hang on to your XP disc for a while.

  Terry Brown 12:49 22 Jul 2009


Good advice,on second thoughts, I will wait for a while to see if the hardware manufacturers (printers, graphics,sound etc) create software drivers.

After the Vista 'Experience', which I never went for, but a lot of my friends did, it might be a case of once bitten -twice shy.


  GaT7 15:31 22 Jul 2009

Terry Brown, most hardware will work (unless they are a good few years), & the good thing is that you can still install the RC for free to confirm this - to download click here.

All you need is some a spare partition on your current hard drive, or a spare hard drive (even 20Gb will do). And set it up to dual-boot with your current OS - Win7 apparently does this automatically anyway, but here are a few guides just to be sure you get it right: click here / click here / click here. G

  T I M B O 15:47 22 Jul 2009

i would keep the xp cd till u have tried the Win 7

  gazzaho 16:02 22 Jul 2009

I agree keep the XP Cd until after trying Windows 7 for a while.

There is a way to set Windows 7 up without having to create a physical partition and dual booting, by using a Virtual Hard drive on your current setup, click here shows you how to do it. I've tried it myself on my notebook and it works perfectly, I haven't however tried uninstalling it and removing the virtual drive, so I can't comment on how hard/easy this may be, but it seems quite straight forward to do.

For anyone with just the one computer, or no full system backup option in place, it might be wise to install it on another hard drive and switch to it from either the BIOS if that is an option on your system, or switch to the drive physically by switching power and data leads in order to try it out.

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