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  the spook 16:34 02 Jun 2005

I have two computers networked together, I use one comp to back up the other for certain things, as a example I have a folder on both computers called adresses. What I would like is to be able to switch both computers on and number 2 comp would automaticly check the folder on number 1 comp and if I have added anything to the folder it would automaticly update itself. Is this possible, or can I get a program that will allow me to do it.
PS I am using windows XP pro on both compters

  pauldonovan 16:46 02 Jun 2005

...that runs this utility:

click here

I haven't used it, but a friend uses FileSync and swears by it. CmdSync is the command line version.

Is the directory too big just to re-copy from pc 1 to 2 automatically each time the other starts?

  the spook 16:59 02 Jun 2005

No not too big, and that is the way I have been doing it, its just that most of the time comp 1 is the one I use and I thought it would be nice to just be able to switch on comp 2 and it did it automaticly, also there is more then 1 folder I need to update each time, and some of them are big photos for example.

  Buchan 35 23:14 02 Jun 2005

I pray that I`m not wrong here but I think pauldonovan gave you the answer. Scroll down a bit and read everything properly (I`m not going to slap your wrist if you don`t) and you`ll see a way forward, I think. Sorry if that`s a Prime Ministers answer.

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