self instaling hard drive?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:29 09 Jul 2004

i went out this afternoon to look around my local puterstore and saw a great deal on Hard drives, 160gb samsung for £70, As my old 20gb HD is almost full to bursting, i bought myself one, but when i got it home, there are NO instructions, rung the store who said it doesnt come with instructions??? SO, can any one reccomend a site that gives step by step instructions (pref with pics) for novices.

im sure some may think i shouldnt have bought it if im not sure what im doing, but im a student and cant afford to pay someone else to put it in i dont know any one who has the knowledge, and any way its probably a good way to learn more about my puter that i spend so much time with.

  Confab 19:33 09 Jul 2004

Its not difficult but do you want to keep your existing drive or replace it with the new one?

It may be easier to get someone who knows how to do it to do it for you as the whole process can be done in 10 mins.

Do you have the screws and cables etc or did you just buy a drive on its own?

  SANTOS7 19:33 09 Jul 2004

click here this will help, good luck

  Confab 19:35 09 Jul 2004

also try typing

"installing a new hard drive" into Google. It comes up with about 4 million results.


  SANTOS7 19:36 09 Jul 2004

forgot to mention, if you do this yourself and its really not as hard as you think, the tools you use must be demagnetised

  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:51 09 Jul 2004

ok, i would like to keep my old drive and have the new one as a slave (as ive read thats easiest) i have got spare screws and cables, although i sshouldnt need any cables as thers spares inside case. lastly how do i demagnatise the tools.

  SANTOS7 19:55 09 Jul 2004

just rubbing them against something metal usually works.

  SANTOS7 19:57 09 Jul 2004

click here this may also help

  Confab 20:00 09 Jul 2004

rubbing metal tools against something metal will not demagnatise them - I think you're refering to static.

ZEROTOLERANCE - I think it might be a good idea if you read the link provided by SANTOS7. This should get you through the proces but if you get stuck then post your problem.



  SANTOS7 20:02 09 Jul 2004

Confab you right me idiot, been up since 1 a.m, the joys of shift work will look into it further

  ZEROTOLERANCE 20:04 09 Jul 2004

once i start i will lose my internet connection (only 1 pc)

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