Self Healing Computer????

  VideoSentry 20:38 06 Jan 2006

Just before Christmas the computer went a bit ...squiwif!
I post the following faults should someone else have the same problem.
Lost the use of the soundcard -input and mixer only, as Media player + other software seemed to work OK.
Lost the internet connection ( dail up ) though it would try but then crash and could not find the phone book on trying to re-connect.
Windows firewall would not work,stating that "due to an un identified problem windows cannot display the firewall settings"
WMP was very slow as were most of the programmes.
NSW and Windows auto update were turned off.
I used spybot BUT though I thought it had found spybot32. it disapeared off screen very quickly without letting Me do anything.
I then went about reading this-and other forums-and tried everything,I was about to try the registry adjustment recommended by Symantec for that virus , but tried error checking.(start, explore, C drive ,properties , tools: check disc)
On restart it worked fine,
Who fixed what???
I dont know who or how or why but it fixed it.
Cos I doubt if it was Me

  stalion 20:40 06 Jan 2006

probably check disc did the trick and windows rectified the problem

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