A "Self Drive" Mouse

  1933 09:39 14 Dec 2004

In the last few days my mouse cursor seems to have got a life of it's own. Quite often when I stop using the mouse (a wireless remote) the cursor will slowly and very smoothly move to the edge of the screen - sideways or up/down. It will be ready for use immediately, it is always exactly vertical or horizontal. Should I call in the local vicar or is there another explanation. Cheers, Dave.

  TomJerry 09:49 14 Dec 2004

no idea if it is optical

  €dstowe 09:54 14 Dec 2004

Check its batteries. Check for an irritant "joke" program called Crazy Mouse.

Do you have a graphics tablet? Check where the stylus (pen) is placed. If its near the pad, move it.

  Sapins 10:11 14 Dec 2004

You could try Hertz;-)

Seriously though, my optical wired mouse does this If I leave it alone, but, if I then go to use it and press down it behaves itself. It could be the sensor is slightly out of focus?

  Graham ® 10:25 14 Dec 2004

Could be there is a facility set to hide the cursor when not in use.

  Graham ® 10:26 14 Dec 2004

Just looked at mine, I can 'Hide pointer while typing'.

  Mike D 11:02 14 Dec 2004

I've had this problem with 2 optical meeses. The latest is a Microsoft wireless version and the jitter bugging cursor was driving me to distraction. I downloaded the latest Intellipoint software and cured it (for the moment).


  Jeffers22 11:49 14 Dec 2004

Graham's response seems the most likely. Check the options within the mouse driver software. This explanation would also fit with Mike D and his new drivers, probably the facility is set to off by default and needs to be enabled.

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