(Self?) deleting digital images

  Rotenone 11:21 30 Jul 2005

I took some images with my Canon EOS 350D digital camera and then put tne CF memory card into my computer and saved the images on the hard drive.I then removed the card(safely)from the computer and put it back into the camera. On looking at the images again in the camera, several(but not all) came up as "this image cannot be viewed(or words to that effect)".Have these images self deleted or have they hidden themselves(and if so where)? Has anybody got any ideas as to what has happened.(A friend said that "this just sometimes happens" with no further explanation!!-really helpful!!)

  hssutton 11:42 30 Jul 2005

Did you modify your images, then perhaps resave them to your memory card? very easily done. Put the card back into the PC and resave them.

  jack 12:10 30 Jul 2005

Camera images are more properly known as XIF images. Which are JPEG's with knobs on
Depending on your operating system, when the images are loaded into the computer certain data is deleted from the image because the operating system does not know about XIF's
When then you load up the card to play in the camera they remain invisible to the camera, but are sill on the card availble to the computer.

How do you get around it?
Download this program click here
This imparts a cludge of the lost information enough for the camera to think it is for real.

The programs also will make use full slide shows, burn VCD/DVDs add audio and all of things for your pictures.

A restricted program is Free and a release code for the full version is about £15.

  Rotenone 08:49 31 Jul 2005

Thank you for the reply.I didn't modify them after but I will take your advice and try to resave from the computer to the memory card.

  Rotenone 08:52 31 Jul 2005

Jack,Thank you for the reply. Which program do I download from the xat.com site to help cure the problem since there are several programs available.Thanks again for your help.

  Stuartli 09:11 31 Jul 2005

When transferring pix files from your camera, drag and drop the files to an appropriate Folder (I presume your camera is given its own drive letter as it will be regarded as a removeable hard drive by your system).

The memory card files should be retained and be able to be viewed again in the camera. Always delete such files in the camera itself, not with the memory card connected to your system.

It's also well worth reformatting the card in the camera when you delete any unwanted files.

If you modify or edit a photo file on your system, always use "Save As" for the new file - this preserves the original for further use.

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