Selective delete with DVD-R/RW

  woody 01:40 15 Nov 2003

With my CD-R/RW writer i can selective delete any file on the cd.I can remove one or all as i prefer.

The software is Direct cd.

Is there a similar program for a DVD writer?

The (new)comp came with software which allows copying of DVD (i can not think what legal use i can put it too)and complete erase only.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  The Sack 02:53 15 Nov 2003

Direct CD should packet write files to a DVD-RW the same as it did a CD-RW

  y_not 06:05 15 Nov 2003

I videoed a friends wedding earlier this year ... two weeks ago they asked for some additional copies of the DVD.

I don't keep the images on the HDD or a copy of the DVD so, as normal, I asked for a copy from them to allow me to produce additional copies - all legal and very useful.

The copy DVD option does have its legal uses

Oh, one other thing - I can't understand why people copy copyright DVD's; the cost and effort just doesn't seem worth it (or maybe its because I never sit long enough to watch a complete film so don't see the attraction)

  woody 13:57 15 Nov 2003

Thanks for the replies .I got all excited when i read my old direct CD would work with my DVD as it is a cheap program (no longer used on a different comp)- but (i am told)only ver6? works with xp and that seems expensive for a program just to delete a file.

I have no doubt they will be some rarely used occasions that copying is useful but compared to ,my,everyday life - data back up and filing i was surprised to have an expensive copy program and not be able to do the basics.

Photography is a big thing for me . I like to add pics (to Cd now DVD) as and when they are ready for filing and i do make mistakes that need removing - without selective delete and now the size of DVD to wipe and start again is too slow.

Thanks again for your comments - i will leave it open for a bit longer - you never know someone may have a cheap solution!

  Chegs ® 14:14 15 Nov 2003

I use InCD(part of Nero)but EasyCD should have the same facility.

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