Selecting media player default!

  gazmix 22:52 16 Aug 2009


I recently tried opening files on my usb stick & it said that my WMP was not the correct version!

I updated to version 11, which is total rubbish!! You can't minimize the screen etc & all files i have show as small in the middle of the full size player & minimizing means no screen, just audio!

I have Media player clasic (the best) & i think version 9!

How do i set my media players default version?
Or change it from one to another.


  Stuartli 23:44 16 Aug 2009

You can minimise WMP11 in exactly the same way as any other window; to view Full Screen, use the button at the bottom right of the player.

Minimising WMP to the Notification bar is perfectly sensible if you are just playing audio rathr than watching videos.

To select WMP as the Default, use Set Program Access and Defaults from Start.

  Stuartli 23:45 16 Aug 2009

>>You can minimise WMP11>>

i.e. by choosing Minimise (top right) and using the cursor to drag the edges to the size of window required.

  gazmix 09:08 17 Aug 2009

i have version 9 & classic versions, but it only seems to open with 9. How do i chose between them both?
In 'Set Program Access and Defaults from Start' it just says 'current media player' & 'Windows media player' not each version!

  Stuartli 09:21 17 Aug 2009

Try setting the "current media player" as the Default.

It may have to be done once or twice again - Windows usually wants its own to the Defaults...:-)

Latest version of WMP Classic (there's also Home Cinema) is at;

click here

  gazmix 09:52 17 Aug 2009

Yeh, i did 'current media player' & then i clicked ok! any other choice like 'windows media player' just reverts back to 'current' anyway after i close 'set program access & defaults'. Doing this also changed my default browser!! strangely!!

  Stuartli 10:16 17 Aug 2009

I did say you might have to do it more than once.

You are using the Custom section?

  gazmix 15:17 17 Aug 2009

Yeh, it always says 'current media player' in custom & the other alternative is WMP, although i'm not sure which one is version 9 or classic!

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