SEetting up a VPM connection

  Johnnn 14:54 06 Feb 2006

High all
I want to set up a vpm connection to an external server. I'm on NTL broadband. Had an e-mail from NTL saying it supports vpm but will not issue any information about setting it up. Some have said that NTL doesn't support it. Can anyone verify wether they support it or not. And also a link or instructions on how to set it up NTL if it's possible.

Thanks for help

  Thalmus 15:05 06 Feb 2006

When NTL says it supports VPN's they are saying that they will allow you connections to go through their servers. I doubt very much that you will use the VPN to connect to one of their servers as this will give you access to their corporate network

If you are connecting to another server then that server need to have a remote access server (RAS) setup on it so it can accept incoming VPN connections

  Johnnn 23:44 06 Feb 2006

I understand that and RAS is enabled, but cannot appear to make a connection. I obviously need to configure the NTL connection to accept and allow me to connect but I cannot appear to do that. I am hoping that somebody has managed this and give me some advice.

  Thalmus 12:06 07 Feb 2006

You don't set a VPN connection with NTL, you need to create a seperate connection.

You need to right click my network places and choose proerites and select new connection. When asks for the type choose "connect to my work network" (or simular), you will then need enter the IP address of your RAS server.

Once this is done connect to the inter and run the VPN connection you have jsut created

  Johnnn 13:49 07 Feb 2006

Right thanks. That seems straight forward enough. Will a firewall cause any problems with the reply from the server. I presume the firewall will have to set up to allow connection both ways. Or just allow the response when it comes back from the server.

Thanks for your help Thalmus.

Hopefully if I manage to achieve it will be another part of this old brain that will be infected with some new computer knowledge.

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